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Forum for International NGO Practitioners in Minnesota

The Minnesota International NGO Network (MINN) is a forum for international practitioners and supporters to learn, network and exchange professional expertise. It is MINN’s vision to be the leader in providing a collaborative environment for Minnesota international NGOs to learn and exchange ideas.  Our efforts result in innovative and effective solutions that enrich the lives of the global community.

Whether you are new to the world of international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or a seasoned veteran, MINN is your forum to connect with colleagues and stay aware of what other NGOs based in Minnesota are doing around the world.


Planning Meetings for the 2015 MINN IDEA Summit

on Sat, 2015-02-21 22:11

MINN IDEA Summit Committee planning meetings will be held on the first Monday of each month preceding the MINN IDEA Summit in October 2015. The next Summit Committee meeting will be Monday, March 2 from 6:00-8:00pm. The location for the next meeting and future meetings is still to be determined, but updates can be found on the Events Calendar on the MINN website.

Non-Profit Spotlight: World Without Genocide

on Sat, 2015-02-21 21:59

Non-Profit Spotlight: World Without Genocide

By Lori Imsdahl, MINN Contributor

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Ellen Kennedy, the Executive Director of World Without Genocide, has long been committed to human rights, but a trip to Rwanda changed everything. 

The year was 2005, and over a decade had elapsed since the 1994 genocide — when a million people were killed in 100 days, mostly ethnic Tutsis. Yet vestiges of the brutality remained. Bodies were still being found in the country’s swamps and forests.