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Forum for International NGO Practitioners in Minnesota

The Minnesota International NGO Network (MINN) is a forum for international practitioners and supporters to learn, network and exchange professional expertise. It is MINN’s vision to be the leader in providing a collaborative environment for Minnesota international NGOs to learn and exchange ideas.  Our efforts result in innovative and effective solutions that enrich the lives of the global community.

Whether you are new to the world of international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or a seasoned veteran, MINN is your forum to connect with colleagues and stay aware of what other NGOs based in Minnesota are doing around the world.


Help MINN win the Nerdery Challenge! Submit your testimonials now!

on Sat, 2015-03-21 18:48

With MINN’s planned website overhaul, we have a unique opportunity to receive a completely new website through the Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge. But we need your help to be selected for this exciting challenge. Submit a testimonial about what MINN has done for you and your organization, how we are currently serving you, and why MINN deserves a brand new and polished website:

Selection for the Nerdery Challenge is partially based upon testimonials, so please show your support by leaving feedback at the link above!

MINN Website Overhaul Planned

on Sat, 2015-03-21 18:33

In order to provide more streamlined and effective services to MINN’s constituents and organizations, the MINN Board of Directors has put in motion plans to revamp and refine the website. Since it is still early in the process, we would love to hear feedback from the people who know us and our website best. Please contact Shane Dill, MINN Communications Manager at for any suggestions or comments on how we can make our website and resources work better for you!