International NGO Directory

MINN’s International NGO Directory is a collection of nongovernmental organizations that work internationally and have a presence in Minnesota (or a neighboring state). Social enterprise initiatives, nonprofits, non-registered humanitarian organizations, church groups and other charitable groups doing work abroad are welcome to include information on their organization.

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Acacia Global feeds people. We feed the body through emergency food aid and community gardens. We feed the mind by keeping students in school. We feed the community by developing leaders. We feed the soul by nourishing relationships around the world.

Accion is the micro-finance pioneer who first discovered and developed the field of micro-lending and, later, commercial microfinance - going back to the mid-1960s.

Adventures in Giving is a philanthropic advisory services firm that specializes in international grantmaking and related adventure travel for individuals and family foundations. For six years Adventures in Giving has worked closely with family foundations to create informed, targeted and effective international gifting programs that are powerful in impact as well as exciting and fulfilling for the families and individuals involved.

Africa Classroom Connection holds a vision that every child in KwaZulu Natal has the opportunity for an excellent education. Our mission is providing resources to help build and improve schools in KwaZulu Natal. We work to get buildings built, help kids stay in school, and facilitate cultural exchanges/overseas travel.

The mission of Africa Solution Foundation is to give people the knowledge, tools, and support they need to improve their health and economic sustainability for a better quality of life.

The mission of the Alliance is to bring about personal, organizational & planetary sustainability through support of projects that are ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and humane.

Our Mission: ARC works with its partners and constituencies to provide opportunities and expertise to refugees, displaced people and host communities. We help people survive conflict and crisis and rebuild lives of dignity, health, security and self-sufficiency. ARC is committed to the delivery of programs that ensure measurable quality and lasting impact for the people we serve. Our Vision: Every person who participates in an ARC program or project will have a better chance to take control of their life and achieve self sufficiency. Location: 430 Oak Grove Street Suite 204 Minneapolis, MN, 55403

ARAHA’s Mission: To strive to alleviate the suffering from hunger, illiteracy, diseases, and poverty in the horn of africa, as well as help the east African community in Minnesota.

Founded in 1965 in Houston, Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS) is an international, non-profit organization that provides unparalleled leadership and community service opportunities for young people while concurrently contributing to the well-being of hundreds of communities throughout the Americas. Supported by a strong network of Pan-American chapters, high school and college students from diverse backgrounds work successfully with host communities and partner agencies to address health and education priorities. AMIGOS Volunteers immerse themselves in the lives of their host communities and truly experience collaborative development work. During its 43-year history, more than 20,000 AMIGOS Volunteers have gained a life-long commitment to community service, while strengthening multicultural understanding and friendships in the Americas.

Our Mission “We come as a family to make a connection, person to person, arm in arm and along the way to share our lives. It is our honor to improve the conditions and create opportunities for changing the cycle of poverty and disease in South Africa.”​

We believe it is in the long-term interest of AAPIs nationwide to build philanthropy within our own communities. By investing in the issues that matter most to us, building leaders and lifting our voices in social and policy debates, we are powering the change and the future we want to see for our community.

Atlas Corps is an international network of nonprofit leaders and organizations that promotes innovation, cooperation, and solutions to address the world’s 21st century challenges. Our mission is to address critical social issues by developing leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled nonprofit professionals. Profiled as a “best practice” in international exchange, Atlas Corps engages leaders committed to the nonprofit sector in 6 to 18 month, professional fellowships at organizations (like Ashoka, Peace Corps, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure) to learn best practices, build organizational capacity, and return home to create a network of global changemakers. Our network of Fellows includes 200+ nonprofit leaders from 54 countries and 100+ Host Organizations.

The mission of Books For Africa is to end the book famine in Africa. With your help, we will help create a culture of literacy and provide the tools of empowerment to the next generation of parents, teachers, and leaders in Africa. Books donated by publishers, schools, libraries, individuals, and organizations are sorted and packed by volunteers who carefully choose books that are age and subject appropriate. We send good books, enough books for a whole class to use. They are shipped in sea containers paid for by contributions from people like you. It costs about 50 cents to send a book from the United States to Africa. Since 1988, Books For Africa has shipped more than 22 million books to 45 African countries. They are on once-empty library shelves, in classrooms in rural schools, and in the hands of children who have never before held a book. Each book will be read over and over again. When the books arrive, they go to those who need them most: children who are hungry to read, hungry to learn, hungry to explore the world in ways that only books make possible.

Carmen Pampa Fund generates resources to assist the growth and development of the Unidad Académica Campesina - Carmen Pampa, a college serving the impoverished rural familes of Bolivia through education, research, and community projects.

CVT International Services works in areas where conflict and torture has resulted in widespread devastation of the community. When political violence intentionally destroys a community, the society itself must heal before peace and democracy can flourish. Healing survivors of torture and war trauma is integral to the process or rebuilding. CVT International Services provides mental health services in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner so that survivors of torture and trauma can resume their life. CVT targets those communities with high numbers of survivors and few sources of help such as in post conflict or refugee camp situations. While working directly with survivors, CVT is also helping build the infrastructure to meet the mental health needs beyond the tenure of this project.

We are engaged in one of the poorest areas on earth, East Africa, primarily Tanzania. We have an innovative model to finance businesses in an investment range that is essentially unavailable in the developing world, from $5,000 to $500,000. This is the key investment size because it starts or grows the small businesses that hire people and drive the economy. Working jointly with local universities, we provide intensive businesstraining and mentoring. We’re looking for people who are social investors or want to engage to make change.

Founded in 1969, Children’s HeartLink is a medical non-governmental organization working in partnership with health care centers in underserved regions of the world to promote sustainable cardiac care for children with congenital or acquired heart disease. Children’s HeartLink currently supports partner hospitals and programs in nine countries: Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Kenya, Malaysia, South Africa, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Children's Surgery International is a Minnesota-based, nonprofit volunteer organization that provides specialized medical and surgical services to underprivileged children around the world in a safe, compassionate and culturally sensitive manner and promotes in-country self-sufficiency through professional training and support. Children’s Surgery International travels to locations around the world where we have determined the need for our services to be great. Our volunteers have provided life-changing surgeries, in-country education and medical supplies for children, their families and medical professionals in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Liberia, Mexico, Peru, and Vietnam.

The heart of Common Hope’s work in Guatemala is education. We provide the necessary resources for over 2,700 children to attend school each year in seventeen villages outside of Antigua and Guatemala City. We understand that education is about more than books and uniforms – a comprehensive approach is critical to help students and their families to reach their full potential. For this reason we also focus our efforts on health care, housing, and family development.

Through direct community engagement, we help local residents and leaders to actively participate in achieving sustainable change. We facilitate a process whereby we engage the entire community to:

Organize their knowledge
Identify resources, assets and existing community skills
Articulate the social, spiritual, economic and environmental issues of community life that contribute to poverty
Actively participate in developing strategies to understand barriers and formulate solutions
Take action to achieve sustainable change.

The Community Hope Care is a nonprofit health facility that provides family care and treatment for women, children and the elderly. Its main purpose is to assist families that can’t afford regular hospital services because of lack of health insurance or money.

CTI works to improve the lives of people in developing countries by designing food and water technologies that are sustainable and appropriate to local cultures, and by collaborating with in-country organizations to identify needs and to achieve widespread use of our technologies to relieve hunger and poverty.

Cultivate International empowers local leaders to address issues of poverty and injustice through small- scale community projects. We exist to empower those who often are the recipients of charity at the hands of privileged community outsiders, and empower communities to take the reins of their own growth and fight against poverty and injustices. We believe that fighting poverty, injustice, and inequality is worth our efforts. We think that community insiders, not outsiders, are the best fighters. We’re about breaking the cycle of dependency. We’re about mobilizing community development project leaders because they are the best ones to lead charitable efforts.

This organization works on empowering women in Tanzania through projects such as giving out small loans, providing cloth pads for safe feminine hygeine, and gardening projects. With each project, there are educators that help women learn. This foundation asks for volunteers to come from around the world to Tanzania to stay in home stays to help in these projects and have people learn from each other.

The mission of the Diaspora African Women's Network is to develop and support talented women and girls of the African diaspora focused on African affairs.

Divas Fair Trade is a socially responsible organization based in Minnesota (since 2004), that looks to create equal opportunities for women and disenfranchised people worldwide.

We carry a wide selection of sophisticated fashion accessories and gifts from over 15+ countries; generating work opportunities for thousands of people, especially women’s cooperatives and family groups.

Dodoma Tanzania Health Development (DTHD) is a non-profit charitable organization established in 2003 in order to help found and support Dodoma Tanzania Medical Center (DCMC).

Educate Tanzania partners with the most effective businesses, government, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in Minnesota, Africa, the U.S. and Europe in order to bring education, water and health to remote and needy areas in the developing world.

The Southeastern Minnesota Synod is a faith community of 127,000 baptized people in 178 congregations and 4 Synodically Authorized Worshipping Communities as well as related institutions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Our current bishop is the Rev. Harold L. Usgaard, who was elected in 2001. The Southeastern Minnesota Synod is one of 65 synods which make up the ELCA. Its geographic area includes 15 counties in the southeastern corner of Minnesota.

Engineers Without Borders - USA is a nonprofit humanitarian organization established to support community-driven development programs worldwide through partnerships that design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences that enrich global perspectives and create responsible leaders. EWB chapters commit to working with communities for a minimum of five years to implement these projects. Projects include, but are not limited to, water supply, wastewater management, roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, agriculture, and energy infrastructure to name a few.

EOS International's mission is to provide under-served communities with access to low-cost appropriate technologies that generate income, improve health, and preserve the environment. EOS empowers impoverished Nicaraguans by working with them as autonomous customers rather than charity recipients, and each beneficiary pays a share of the cost. Our team of engineers uses locally sourced materials to improve system designs that lower costs and improve efficiency for the average Nicaragua.

The mission of Ethiopia Reads is to collaborate with Ethiopian communities to build schools, plant libraries, teach teachers, boost literacy, put pencils and paintbrushes into the hands of thousands of children, and provide youth and families with the tools to improve their lives.

Faith Center Orphanage cares for orphaned and abandoned children in the village of Totota, Liberia. We want to provide a stable, safe, healthy, and loving home for orphaned and abandoned children so they have opportunities to realize their inherent potential.

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian organization committed to "Feeding God's Starving Children Hungry in Body and Spirit."

Fifty Lanterns International is a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization that partners with established humanitarian groups to provide communities in the developing world tools that provide safety and opportunity through renewable energy sources such as solar-power lights.

The women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are among the poorest in the world. Civil war, disease, famine and sexual violence are a fact of daily life. They must rely on their own ingenuity and support of trusted friends to provide for their families in a land with very little infrastructure and few jobs.

First Step Initiative was founded to give the women of the DRC a helping hand. We provide small grants to women’s collectives – called “merry-go-rounds” – to enable women in the city of Lubumbashi start or expand their small businesses so they can earn a living while providing valuable goods and services to their communities.

At FEC we promote healthy communities through relationship building, leadership training, and education. ButterflyDNA is a grassroots program within FEC promoting the empowerment of girls and women worldwide, with particular emphasis given to social and environmental sustainability.

Food For His Children is a MN based Christian non-profit ministry, created  in response to crisis conditions in Tanzania.  We strive to provide micro-development opportunities leading the way to self-sufficiency for people of all faiths, anywhere that God leads us.

Footprint was founded on the principle that how we help matters. Providing humanitarian assistance is energy intensive, especially when performed on an industrial scale. Footprint specializes in comprehensive emissions calculation, local impact monitoring, and real-time operational improvement. We build tools that help those in the business of saving lives fulfill their commitment to first do no harm.

Freedom for North Korean Refugees Minnesota is a Minnesota based non-profit organization working toward the safe and humane resettlement of North Korean refugees in the United States. Freedom for North Korean Refugees Minnesota is pioneering an initiative to educate about the plight of North Korean refugees and to promote relationships and policies that provide for safe, welcoming, and expedite settlement in the United States.

Mission: Friends of Africa Education is a nonprofit organization providing access to education for children in sub Saharan Africa (Sponsor at risk children and build classrooms) Vision: We seek to inspire students and their families to reach their full potential by developing essential skills to attain social and economic independence Key Values that guide our work: • Student Success • Accountability to donors • Partnership with local communities in Africa • Sustainability (of FOAE and partner organizations)

We provide education and support for Nairobi children living in poverty whose families are affected by HIV/AIDS so they can transform their lives. We have sponsors who donate money to certain students so those students can afford school, books, uniforms, and health care, among other things. Our goal is to help our students go to school, become employed, and ultimately transform their lives for the better.

Generation for Change and Growth (GCG) is a non-profit organization operating under the Internal Revenue Code 501 (c)(3) of the IRS of United States of America. GCG is also registered with NGO council of Kenya as Non-governmental, Non-profit organization. The organization was founded in November of 2002.
GCG promotes Education, Technology and Health Care in regions of the world where these basic needs are primarily limited by poverty and disproportionate appropriation of resources.  We are in a 21st Century where hundreds of thousands of poor Children still have no access to a very basic education and Health Care. Today, thousands of girls cannot access school even when there is opportunity due to cultural constraints and gender disparities. Many others die from immunizable illnesses. Kenyan children fit well into this category. In communities living in Northern Kenya and many other remote regions, there is a sense of resignation - a circumstance of fate and nature in which human intervention can do little. At GCG, we think different. Wth your partnership, we can make a massive change.

Give Us Wings works together with adults and children in Kenya and Uganda to eradicate poverty. Through person-to-person support, both financial and educational, people overcome poverty and become self-sufficient.

From the 2nd grader to the CEO, Global Minnesota connects individuals, organizations, and communities to the world. Through a unique lineup of programs offered from the Twin Cities to Greater Minnesota, Global Minnesota takes relevant and timely information on international issues, foreign policy, and cultural topics, and provides the space and opportunity for Minnesotans to engage and discuss.

As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, we are unparalleled in the ability to deliver programs that allow Minnesotans to connect and participate in the international sphere, and for Minnesota to extend its influence around the globe.

The GMI serves as an important center for global awareness, hospitality, and networking. The GMI facilitates experiences for faculty and students that undergird and enhance Luther Seminary's global vision for apostolic witness.

Global Rights for Women collaborates with partners around the world to promote women’s human rights to equality and freedom from violence through legal reform and systems change.

Global Volunteers is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization engaging short-term volunteers on micro-economic and human development programs in close partnership with local people worldwide. Working at the invitation and under the direction of local leaders, volunteers help create a foundation for world peace through mutual international understanding. Our purpose is to maintain a genuine, sustained service partnership with the host community and provide volunteers a genuine opportunity to serve.

Grace Centre is a Christian faith based organization that strengthens impoverished communities in Guatemala, partnering with local organizations to improve the quality of life among people through health initiatives. We support building projects and ongoing programs in response to the express needs of the communities.

Greenlife Africa (GLA) is a holistic agro-economic entity established to meet the agricultural needs of rural Liberia, empowering individuals and communities by maximizing agriculture proficiency and collective productivities.

H20 for Life connects schools in the United States with schools in developing countries to complete WASH (WAter, Sanitation, and Hygiene) in Schools projects.

HealthPartners builds the capacity of rural stakeholders, especially women of reproductive age and the poor, enabling them to pool risk for access to care at an affordable cost through the health cooperative model as a form of health financing.  

Heifer International envisions a world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet. Our mission is to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth. 

Our mission is to build a faithful and stronger Horn of Africa through child sponsorships which benefit a whole family. Sponsored children must attend their local school, and they receive Saturday instruction in health, swise spending, gardening and animal husbandry, and Christian leadership. In addition, we respond to requests from the community for projects that benefit the wider area, and have just completed a pedestrian bridge over the Wadecha River that will save lives in the rainy season.

HOKIFA is a non-partisan non-governmental organization (Non Profit) whose mission is to support disadvantaged and vulnerable children and families through a high quality education. Created in 2013 and officially registered on April 2014, HOKIFA provides an inclusive educational support for all through the ''mobile library program'' and supplement facts for women and children. When we started HOKIFA and the Mobile Library project, we had a vision of a world in which all children realize their full potential in a society that respects people's dignity. We are still committed to our humanitarian purpose of assisting the underprivileged children in Togo by bringing them opportunities for better education and health.

Honoring Women Worldwide is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 with the purpose of inspiring and engaging women to choose language that honors and celebrates themselves and each other. By doing so, women will make a profound and positive impact on themselves, each other, their families, their workplace, their communities and the world.
Our mission is to mobilize, inspire and honor women and families from all cultures to lead and achieve personal success.
Honoring Women Worldwide’s focus is to honor and unite women to positively change and thrive in their world by teaching, promoting and demonstrating the importance of sponsoring, assisting, networking, mentoring and relying on one another to further women’s causes. Honoring Women Worldwide focuses on leveraging women’s untapped leadership capabilities, building community across cultures and creating a unique global education. We are multicultural, multigenerational and multifaceted.

Hope 2 Others is a non-profit ministry dedicated to renewing hope of a better life to remote, impoverished and underserved communities, as God leads and empowers by His Spirit.


"Hope Multipurpose sponsors a small orphanage in Kazo Parish, Uganda. A new dorm for 44 children, the Blue House, was built through the generosity of HMI donors. The orphans and vulnerable children, currently all girls, have safe housing, nutritious food, clothing, health care, mentoring, and support for education.

Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) is a collection of concepts and tools that help make sense of the patterns that emerge from chaos when people work and play together in groups, families, organizations, and communities.

Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV) is dedicated to serving orphans, homeless children and other children in need in Vietnam. Assistance is provided in the areas of food, shelter, clothing, health and education. Services are provided directly to the children by HSCV or through local Vietnamese child-based organizations addressing these needs.

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy works locally and globally at the intersection of policy and practice to ensure fair and sustainable food, farm and trade systems.

The International Institute of Minnesota welcomes New Americans (refugees and immigrants) to the Twin Cities and offers a continuum of services to promote their full integration into our community. The Institute’s programming includes job training and language classes as well as refugee resettlement, immigration, citizenship, and anti-human trafficking services. We are guided by the knowledge that a strong start to a new life enhances the ability of New Americans and their children to contribute fully as members of our community.

International Village Clinic (IVC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-sectarian organization, dedicated to bringing health and medical services to the poor villages of India. IVC's goals include disease prevention and treatment, such as vaccinations, nutrition for children and health education.

Inventure offers workshops, keynote speaking, coaching and self-directed tools to help people discover purpose, values, vision and gifts.

We support the rebuilding of relationships, cultural understanding and respect, and a country torn apart by decades of war, sanctions, and occupation. We focus on the arts, education, cultural and professional exchange, and water and sanitation projects.

We are Iraqis and Americans, veterans and refugees, peace activists and artists, students and professionals, and many others united by our work for reconciliation.

The Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) was established in July of 2007 as grassroots, citizen-based support in the United States for the Muslim Peacemaker Teams (MPT) in Iraq. IARP and MPT operate as partner nonprofit organizations in the United States and Iraq, respectively.

Iringa Hope works in the rural regions of the Iringa District of Tanzania. We develop cooperative societies that provide micro finance and agricultural input, training, and marketing assistance to our members.

We currently are working in 41 locations and have over 3,600 members representing over 20,000 family members. Our typical member is a female head of household with 5-6 dependents. Her initial income averages $300/year. She is a smallholder (1-4 acres) farmer with a 5-6th grade education. After 1-2 years of working with Iringa Hope her income will rise to $800-$1,400/year. At this point she will eliminate malnutrition form her household, all of her children will go to school (many are sent on to trade school or college), and she will build a brick house.

All of our locations become self sustaining after 2 years or less. Our network is entirely owned and managed by our members - Iringa Hope maintains no ownership position. Our organization provides training, organization, legal assistance, seed capital, and management support to our locations. We are the largest network of cooperative societies in southern Tanzania and are still expanding.

Since 1981, Land O’Lakes International Development has applied an integrated approach to international economic development that capitalizes on our company’s 85+ years as a leading farm-to-market agribusiness. We use our practical experience and in-depth knowledge to facilitate market-driven business solutions that generate economic growth, improve health and nutrition, and alleviate poverty.

 An independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization dedicated to fighting corruption, building peace, and democratic society in Somalia. Our aim is to conduct high-quality and independent research, to provide innovative practical recommendations that advance three broad goals:

  1. Transparency and Accountability
  2. Peace and Equality
  3. Democratic and Prosperous Somalia


To create and strengthen a participatory social movement across all sectors of society to fight corruption and advance culture of peace and respect amongst Somalis


A corruption and hostility free democratic Somalia, where people and institutions in all spheres of society act with integrity, peace, and transparency in all their dealings.

Light of Hope is a home and school that provides refuge, restoration, and redirection for the abandoned, impoverished, or abused girls in Kenya. We provide shelter, quality education, training, and counseling in a supportive Christian family environment in order to enable them to live independently and emerge as leaders to the community.

We are a Christian, non-denominational, non-profit health care center in Kiev, Ukraine. Our mission is to provide whole person care, caring for body, mind and spirit. We offer food and clothing to those in need, homeless shelter, alcohol rehabilitation, find resources for those in need, and assist families in crisis. We also provide nursing care, and collaborate with other organizations in Ukraine to protect the welfare of orphans and homeless children and teens.
We are currently home to 200 displaced people (refugees) from Eastern Ukraine. We have several partners which help with providing food and clothing to the refugees, and are assisting the men in finding jobs. 

The Lutheran Community Foundation works nationally to help people act on their values. Through our flexible giving options, professional services and community connections, we create giving opportunities to meet your personal interests and financial circumstances.

The vision of Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry is to raise up generations who inspire hope by walking with and serving in the worldwide church.

LPGM advocates for global mission through congregations and connects people to global projects through giving, travel, presentations and volunteering. What makes LPGM unique is the personal connection to mission that surrounds each of our projects. LPGM has established a network of people and organizations to give maximum exposure to mission resources.

Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry has partnership relationships with more than a dozen mission agencies and organizations both in the United States and abroad.

Maestral International provides cutting-edge technical expertise to community, national, regional and global actors seeking to strengthen systems that care for and protect the welfare of children and families around the world.

Our mission:  to create partnerships with impoverished Bolivian communities to improve health and increase economic well-being.

The Foundation, created upon Ms. Cargill’s death in 2006, will have programs reflecting her passions and priorities, including the environment; the arts; services to families, children and the elderly; disaster-related relief, relief and resilience; planned health; and animal welfare. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for support.

Mary's Pence gives grants to small, local women's project, to projects that are creating models to increase women's economic status and improve their status in their community.  We look for models that foster women working together, to learn from each other, support each other, and explore new ideas. We fund women in North, Central and South America.

MAST International is an international exchange program that combines a practical, hands-on, educational experience in agriculture with a classroom experience through the University of Minnesota.

Matter is a faith-inspired non-profit dedicated to changing the world through resourcefulness. Since 2000, Matter has repurposed valuable goods and distributed material resources to organizations serving those living in scarcity.

The Medtronic Foundation was created in 1978 and is charged as the primary channel for Medtronic's strategic giving, with the majority of grant programs thoughtfully aligning with the company's commitment to improve access to quality healthcare.

The Minneapolis Foundation has partnered with generous individuals and families, effective nonprofits, engaged civic leaders and other people just like you to strengthen our community through charitable giving.

As an affiliate of the American Evaluation Association our goal is to provide Minnesota evaluators with information on local evaluation events, links to evaluation resources, jobs openings, and opportunities to connect with evaluators across the state. 

At this site, you will learn all about our organizational structure, upcoming events and professional opportunities

For more than 40 years, Minnesota-Uruguay Partners of the Americas* has promoted friendship, cultural understanding and societal development in Uruguay and Minnesota.

*Conceived by John F. Kennedy, Partners of the Americas Inc. is a community-driven, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic and social development throughout the Western Hemisphere. It has emerged as one of the most influential forces building goodwill and private sector cooperation among the people of the Americas. Today, more than 15,000 people in 46 U.S. States and 28 Latin American and Caribbean nations are active in 60 Partnerships. In fact, two Uruguayans who have been involved with our Minnesota chapter are now on the national Partners of the Americas board of directors.

Investing in LGBT entrepreneurs across generations and borders. Mossier develops young LGBT individuals and allies in Minnesota by partnering with LGBT-owned businesses in Kenya, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic.

The purpose of MSAADA Architects, non-profit corporation, is to provide professional Architectural and Engineering (A/E) services in the planning, design and implementation of building projects for organizations dedicated to serving others. The services provided focus on assisting those with building projects dedicated to life-enhancing services such as education, medical services, and spiritual expression. Emphasis is given to activities in the Developing World, as the corporation was created in response to the need for such services. Priority is further given to providing these A/E services for organizations with a commitment to assist the Worldwide Church.

No Time For Poverty is a St. Paul, MN 501c3 org. Working in Port Salut, Haiti.  

We have been in Haiti since 2004 and are currently building a pediatric clinic and community health program.   

For more information,see their website at, or email/call Sue Grundhoffer (
at 651-714-6346.  Thank you!

Using proven strategies of unarmed civilian peacekeeping (UCP), NP provides for a non-partisan, paid civilian peacekeeping force that fosters dialogue among parties in conflict and provides a protective presence for threatened civilians.
With the headquarters in Brussels, and the North American office in Minneapolis, NP presently deploys peacekeeping teams in the Mindanao region of the Philippines, South Sudan, the South Caucasus, and Myanmar/Burma. Our peacekeepers include veterans of conflict zones, experienced peacekeepers, and those new to the field with the right combination of experience, skills, aptitude and attitude. All go through intensive training both before entering a country, and then again, in-country. Within every combat zone we are invited to enter, the NP teams live in the community along-side the local people, providing protection and training, while offering a safety zone for negotiations by all parties to take place.
NP wants to achieve three overarching goals:
To train and deploy teams skilled in UCP, to learn from its field projects, and to build a body of expertise regarding large-scale nonviolent peacekeeping ;
To demonstrate to decision makers, opinion leaders, public institutions and citizens the productive role and impact that nonviolent international presence makes in areas of conflict and
To share its lessons learned with the international community to advance the theory and practice of UCP.

NPH USA transforms the lives of abandoned and disadvantaged children with homes, healthcare and educational programs, making a positive impact in Latin America and the Caribbean. NPH USA supports Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for "Our Little Brothers and Sisters"), which is raising more than 3,400 orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.


OneVillage Partners works to effect holistic and sustainable economic development in rural Sierra Leone. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we promote growth in income and quality of life through five mutually-reinforcing program areas: Agriculture, Education, Health, Income Generation, and Water/Sanitation. 

Operation Bootstrap Africa is a grass-roots non-profit that partners with communities in Tanzania and Madagascar to help educate their children. Grounded in a “self-help” philosophy, Bootstrap works in partnership with local groups, uses local resources and follows local priorities to improve the education of Africa’s children.

We empower young people in Cameroon with access to education to disrupt cycles of poverty and improve health outcomes. We also connect students in Minnesota with students in Cameroon for cross-cultural learning and real-life language labs. 

The Organic Health Response seeks to activate social solidarity, information technology, and environmental sustainability on Mfangano Island to turn the tide against the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS. We support the people of Lake Victoria in cultivating a resilient, healthy, locally-directed future.

The word Pambazuka is used in Swahili to describe dawning of the first hint of light at sunrise. Pambazuka Africa is helping God’s precious children to see a future made brighter by the light of Christ. People with disabilities have special needs and need specialized help. Our mission is to provide financial, practical, and spiritual support in the areas of healthcare, rehabilitation, and education to people with disabilities in East Africa. Pambazuka Africa was founded as a non-profit organization in 2010 by Rebecca Busch and Alex Mnyangabe, after they spent time in the preceding years working with many people with disabilities in the Karatu area of Tanzania. Our organization benefits from the combination of Rebecca's skills and knowledge as a pediatric rehabilitation nurse, and Alex's cultural knowledge and leadership skills. We are also blessed to have Esther Ebae Muthoni, our Operations Manager living in Karatu to keep our projects moving forward. Pambazuka Africa's other board members also have experience with those with special needs.

Pathways To Children works to improve the lives of children in poverty in India and Africa. Specifically we partner with local NGOs in adopting and supporting schools, orphanages and medical facilities in these areas. We also create meaningful and measurable volunteer experiences for adults and student groups. We find these experiences "change the lives" of both the volunteer and the children they work with.

Peace House Africa is a US-based nonprofit organization working in Tanzania, East Africa. Our goal is to create a positive, sustainable future for AIDS orphans and their communities. Peace House Africa's comprehensive approach is designed to provide a quality, effective education for children who have lost parents to AIDS, and to generate sustainable economic growth in their communities through technology research and business development. Peace House Africa opened Peace House Secondary School, a tuition-free boarding school for orphans and vulnerable children, in 2007. Our goal for the students who graduate from Peace House Secondary School is that they become the future innovators and job creators of Tanzania--young people who can build a sustainable future for their country.

Powering Potential uses technology to enhance education and stimulate imaginations of students in Tanzania while respecting and incorporating values of the local culture -- especially cooperation over competition, community over the individual, modesty over pride, and spirituality over materiality.

Print the Love: Serving the World with Instant Photographs

It is Print the Love's vision to see every person on earth feel loved, valued, and celebrated even amidst life’s most difficult trials; that all would have access to photographs of family, friends, and life’s most cherished memories and milestones.

It is our mission to celebrate the value and dignity of individuals in under-resourced communities through the gift of an instant photograph.

Print the Love is about more than just giving away a photograph to those who have none. It is about hope, love, and encouragement. It is about uplifting others, helping them see the beauty in themselves regardless of their circumstance.

Project Zawadi is a non-profit organization founded in December 2000. Our mission is to provide educational opportunities within a nurturing environment to orphaned and other vulnerable children in Tanzania so that they become self-reliant and active members of their communities.

The Tibetan Women's Association of Minnesota is a member of the Tibetan Women's Association (TWA) Center based in Dharamsala, India. The Minnesota chapter was founded on July 15th 1998 with hard working and dedicated for the future Tibetan women's by Mrs. tenzin cheodon and Sonam Choedon. There are 10 executive members with 2 years term.

The Resource Center of the Americas is a non-governmental 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1983 in response to the wars in Central America and the growing realization that there was another side to the story promoted by our government and reported in the press. Working in solidarity with the people of Central America, the Resource Center, known at that time as the Central American Resource Center, began educating and organizing concerned citizens around another reality, relying on first-hand accounts from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, reports from delegations returning from Central America, and news stories that escaped the attention of mainstream media. In the early 1990s the organization broadened its mission and changed its name to the Resource Center of the Americas as new challenges began to present themselves in the form of globalization. Since that time our work has focused on the impact of corporate globalization on communities throughout the Americas: devastating local economies, eroding democratic processes and fueling an increase in the migration of economic refugees to the U.S. The Resource Center acts as a bridge-building organization, informing, educating and organizing to help people understand and address these issues. We build bridges between the peoples of the Americas and bridges to understanding a way of life that protects and respects the human rights of all people.

RHCI's mission is to improve health in rural Sierra Leone, with a focus on maternal and child health in the Tikonko Chiefdom.

The Rural Integrated Development Program of Africa (RIDPA) is a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, MN. RIDPA employees and volunteers work together to help families and individuals dealing with extreme poverty and health issues in rural Africa. RIDPA is currently operating in Tanzania and East Congo, helping real people deal with real issues. RIDPA is working in partnership with Fifty Lanterns.

The Saint Paul Area Synod is one of 65 synods in the ELCA and the second largest in the number of baptized members. Comprising the eastern half of the metropolitan area of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, it includes 109 congregations, five congregations under development, and two synodically authorized worshiping communities in Chisago, Dakota, Ramsey, and Washington counties and parts of Anoka, Scott, and Isanti counties in Minnesota.

Saint Paul Partners is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides fresh water wells for communities in Tanzania. We pride ourselves on utilizing donations as effectively as possible. We are currently at an extremely high ratio of donated funds being used to build and service wells.

The See Them Grow Foundation recognizes that every child deserves to enjoy the right to education as well as to be protected from abuse and exploitation. The STGF Foundation seeks to provide a better way of life for some of the most vulnerable children in Uganda by offering access to an inclusive and quality education to orphaned children. See Them Grow Foundation seeks to fulfil the pillars of the rights of children as recognized by United Nations convention on the rights of the Child (UNCRC).

See Them Grow  Foundation’s main focus is to assist children most especially orphans in Uganda to have immediate access to free, high quality, education by financing school related costs, such as fees, uniforms, books, and meals in order to relieve economic burdens on impoverished families.

AIDs awareness training for teachers in Malawi. Online training for teachers who are modernizing the schools of Oman. These are just two examples from our diverse portfolio of international work. Our Goal? To provide culturally relevant, technologically appropriate education programs for teachers, students, and governments around the world.

Shelter For Life International (SFL) is an international faith-based relief and development organization with over 30 years experience in providing humanitarian assistance to post conflict countries around the world. SFLspecializes in providing sustainable aid solutions for internally displaced persons, refugees, ecological migrants, and disaster victims.

Shoulder to Shoulder works both in Minnesota and in Tanzania to support and upgrade Lutheran medical facilities in the Iringa Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy works in partnership with communities to build the foundation for citizens of all ages to deliberate and enact new, non-adversarial alternatives that nurture democratic relationships and decision-making within and among individuals, families, institutions, and the environment.

Surge brings life-sustaining water and sanitation solutions to those in need and raises awareness of the global water crisis. It is a nonprofit organization registered in the United States and the United Arab Emirates with water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in nine countries and counting.

Surge’s purpose is to . . .

FUND projects that provide access to safe water.
ENGAGE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER communities around the world.
INVEST in innovation that drives sustainable solutions.

We specialize in getting clean water to the poor villages in central Tanzania - around the Dodoma area. We do complete water systems including 500 foot deep wells, and all the accompanying equipment, etc. We complete about one village per year at a cost of approximately $100K. We also manage an HIV/AIDS branch funded by Abbott Fund of Chicago.

The Advocates for Human Rights is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights. Through cutting-edge research, education, and advocacy, The Advocates saves lives, fights injustice, restores peace, and builds the human rights movement in the United States and around the world.

The Indika Alliance is a U.S. nonprofit focused on advancing human rights for India's domestic workers and preventing the labor trafficking of children and young women. We work in partnership with the National Domestic Workers Movement across 17 states in India.

The McKnight Foundation, a Minnesota-based family foundation, seeks to improve the quality of life for present and future generations. Through grantmaking, collaboration, and encouragement of strategic policy reform, we use our resources to attend, unite, and empower those we serve.

The Institute of Agriculture was started in 2003 with the goal of increasing agricultural production in the Iringa Region, and especially to help small farmers. The region’s population is approximately one million with nearly 90% of the population involved with agriculture. Sub-Saharan Africa is one region of the world where local food production cannot meet the needs of the human population. Nutrient-depleted soils and sub-optimal management practices hinder a farmer’s ability to move beyond subsistence agriculture. The Institute of Agriculture’s goal is to increase food production to 120% of subsistence.

Ubuntu means "I am because you are” and is the guiding philosophy of Ubuntu Community Partnership (UCP). UCP works hand-in-hand with its South African NGO counterpart, Youth Ambassadors Sports Program Outreach (YASPO), on community driven projects in the rural villages of Mpumalanga province. Together, UCP and YASPO empower youth with the skills needed to bring about positive change in their lives and communities.

Uniting Distant Stars, Inc. is a Minnesota registered non-profit serving youth in Liberia, West Africa. We have been providing educational support since 2011 with scholarships and distributing school supplies. We also offer innovative programming to cultivate future leaders.

The Human Rights Center works locally, nationally, and internationally to provide training, educational materials, and assistance to professionals, students, and volunteers working to promote and protect human rights. The Human Rights Center is dedicated to the human rights movement’s larger goal of creating a culture of equality, justice, and respect. Housed in the University of Minnesota Law School, the Human Rights Center operates at the nexus of theory and practice in the belief that strong scholarship and practical field work in human rights symbiotically enrich the quality of both.

Haiti has a severe soil erosion problem that threatens their natural environment and food production system. Vetiver Solutions plans to invest in communities and their future through a plant called vetiver. Vetiver has an extensive root system that can reduce erosion by 100-fold, hugely impacting the sustainability of agriculture in the country. Vetiver Solutions will work with farmers to plant living-plant barriers around food crops, and then will purchase the vetiver shoots in order to produce locally-sourced yarn. The yarn will be sold to NGOs in Haiti that focus on vocational training for women, further investing in local economies.

Vidya Gyan is aimed at improving education and health of underserved children, particularly girls, in government primary schools in rural India.

WellShare International, formerly Minnesota International Health Volunteers, is a 501(c)(3) international and domestic nonprofit health organization. Our mission is to improve the health of women, children and their communities around the world. We are guided by a commitment to sustainability, full community involvement, and the transfer of simple technologies and methods for educating and transforming communities.

We believe that unleashing the full potential of scientists worldwide is our best hope for fighting global diseases, feeding our growing population, collecting data and protecting our planet. With your help, we can equip all scientists with the tools, training, and connections they need to be on the cutting edge of global discovery.

West African Medical Missions is an organization of health care-minded individuals focused on aiding and strengthening health care systems in West Africa. The organization works to bring supplies, educational aids, and volunteers to West Africa annually.

The vision of the Whole Village project is to work with people in rural African communities and their development partners to acquire and use knowledge for improving long-term health and well-being while sustaining natural resources. The Whole Village Project assists with the implementation of development-assistance projects in rural Tanzanian villages by determining whether particular development projects produce measurable changes in the lives of rural villagers and by identifying where and how development initiatives can be most effectively targeted.

Witness for Peace (WFP) is a politically independent, nationwide grassroots organization of people committed to nonviolence and led by faith and conscience. Witness for Peace’s mission is to support peace, justice and sustainable economies in the Americas by changing U.S. policies and corporate practices that contribute to poverty and oppression in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Women's Action for Social Development (WASD) is a branch of the Rural Integrated Development Program of Africa (RIDPA). WASD was founded in 1998 in order to deal with women's rights in South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where tens of thousands of women have been facing extreme violence and torture since the war. WASD and RIDPA strive to do their part in bringing fundamental human rights to women of all ages in Africa. We celebrate the African women who, unlike the man, toils day and night amidst grinding poverty on the continent and faces up to harsh cultural, societal, and traditional prejudices yet still manages to achieve much.

The Women's Foundation of Minnesota is growing a state of equality for all women and girls statewide — and with it, stronger communities and a stronger Minnesota.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) is the world's oldest and largest women's peace organization. WILPF was founded in 1915 by women seeking an end to World War I. Early leaders included Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jane Addams, pictured above left. WILPF was present at the founding of the United Nations. WILPF now has sections in 37 countries and on all continents. WILPF's International Secretariat is based in Geneva with a New York United Nations office. The U.S. section is based in Philadelphia and has 80 branches, including the Minnesota Metro Branch, established in 1922. Our vision is a culture of peace. WILPF's Minnesota Metro Branch sponsors events, including the regular Coffee With program, and educates its members and others on critical peace-related issues including water, democracy, corporate personhood, human rights, violence, justice, women's rights and more.

World Servants is a mission sending agency, which facilitates short-term mission trips serve/help in international communities, as well as within the United States (Appalachia and Native American Reservations).

International Mission Statement: To mobilize a global network of people to impact the world through Jesus Christ through responding to physical and spiritual needs.

U.S. Mission Statement: To develop and facilitate life-changing learning and serving experiences that bring hope to the world.

Vision: Through training and short-term mission trips, our desire is to develop people as both servants and leaders in their everyday lives. We believe these learning opportunities will result in the transformation of individuals and communities across the globe.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. We work in nearly 100 countries, serving all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. We provide emergency assistance to children and families affected by natural disasters and civil conflict, work with communities to develop long-term solutions to alleviate poverty, and advocate for justice on behalf of the poor. Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people.

World Without Genocide educates about past and current conflicts and advocates at the local, state, and national levels for policies and legislation to protect innocent people, prevent genocide, prosecute perpetrators, and remember those whose lives have been affected by genocide.

Worthwhile Films produces documentary and educational video and other media programming with and for virtuous nonprofit organizations, benign government agencies, and other worthwhile causes.

Xperitas is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting global citizenship through authentic immersion experiences. Born from the decades of shared experience of Intercultural Student Experiences and Global Citizens Network, Xperitas offers programs that embody true language and cultural immersion, inspire personal connections with diverse individuals and communities worldwide and provide transformational experiences for our participants.

Young Ambassadors for Oportunity, part of Opportunity International, provides three million people worldwide with the financial products they need to transform their lives and break the cycle of poverty.

Youth Assets is helping to connect orphans and other vulnerable youth in southern Africa to the knowledge, resources, & opportunities they need to create the future they choose for themselves, their community, and their world.