Pambazuka Africa

Mission statement: 
The word Pambazuka is used in Swahili to describe dawning of the first hint of light at sunrise. Pambazuka Africa is helping God’s precious children to see a future made brighter by the light of Christ. People with disabilities have special needs and need specialized help. Our mission is to provide financial, practical, and spiritual support in the areas of healthcare, rehabilitation, and education to people with disabilities in East Africa. Pambazuka Africa was founded as a non-profit organization in 2010 by Rebecca Busch and Alex Mnyangabe, after they spent time in the preceding years working with many people with disabilities in the Karatu area of Tanzania. Our organization benefits from the combination of Rebecca's skills and knowledge as a pediatric rehabilitation nurse, and Alex's cultural knowledge and leadership skills. We are also blessed to have Esther Ebae Muthoni, our Operations Manager living in Karatu to keep our projects moving forward. Pambazuka Africa's other board members also have experience with those with special needs.