MINN Volunteers Graduate!

  • Posted on: 3 June 2013
  • By: kbaumgae
Congrats to MINN Volunteers who recently graduated.

MINN appreciates and values the time and work our volunteers contribute to the success of our community. We would like to celebrate the accomplishments of four volunteers who recently graduated with their Masters degrees as follows:

Request for Workshops

  • Posted on: 3 June 2013
  • By: kbaumgae

Pssst!  Have you heard?  MINN is organizing its first flagship conference for ALL of Minnesota's international NGOs, practitioners and supporters. It will be the first of its kind in the state.

What You Missed: Leading Strategy and Change in Culturally Complex Contexts

  • Posted on: 23 May 2013
  • By: minnesotangos

On April 30, 2013 MINN and ARC (African Refugee Committee) co- sponsored a presentation led by Tyler Zabriskie entitled Leading Strategy and Change in Culturally Complex Contexts. Tyler is the Principal Consultant for Zabriskie Consulting, a leadership, strategy, and organizational development consulting business working with NGO’s, non-profits, and foundations. This workshop addressed the complexities of the competing agendas between different stakeholders working within international NGO networks.

Donate to MINN: Keep MINN Running!

  • Posted on: 29 April 2013
  • By: kbaumgae

Do you have a passion for international development?  Then you are in good company with MINN members, who love our workshops, panels, pre-work networking at Peace Coffee, and annual conference.  MINN members know how to have fun, too -- don't miss our quarterly social opportunities.  People are often surprised to find out that MINN is an all-volunteer organization.  All of our events range in price from free to cheap, but they do cost money.  If you like what we do, and you can spare $5 or $25 or $50, please consider a gift to MINN.   CL