2013 MINN IDEA Summit Evaluation Results

  • Posted on: 30 December 2013
  • By: minnesotangos

In an effort to learn from our new events and offerings to MINN constituents, one of the MINN board members, Sara Stalland McGarraugh, and two volunteers, Kelly Abraham, and Rachel Satterlee, were engaged to conduct a basic evaluation of the inaugural 2013 MINN IDEA Summit. An electronic survey was sent to attendees of the event to capture the strengths and weaknesses of the Summit. Additional paper surveys were handed out to attendees during breakout sessions to gather feedback on individual topics and presenters.

Call for MINN Board Expansion

  • Posted on: 25 November 2013
  • By: minnesotangos
The Minnesota International NGO Network (MINN) is seeking to expand its Board for the 2014 calendar year. Additional leaders are being sought to help MINN work toward its vision of being the leader in providing a collaborative environment for Minnesota-based international NGOs. Since being granted 501(c) (3) status in 2011, the leadership of MINN has been striving to develop the organization’s structure so that it may more effectively act as a forum for international practitioners and supporters to learn, network and exchange professional expertise. 

MINN 2013 IDEA Summit Evaluation: Preliminary Findings

  • Posted on: 14 November 2013
  • By: minnesotangos

All attendees of the MINN IDEA Summit were asked to participate in the evaluation of the conference through both paper surveys of their breakout sessions, and a post-conference electronic survey. We had a great response rate (49%) to our e-survey with 116 respondents!  We appreciate your support of MINN’s continuous improvement efforts.

A complete report of the survey results will be available in the coming months. The following points reveal some initial highlights:

MINN's Founding Members

  • Posted on: 1 November 2013
  • By: kbaumgae

Thank you to MINN's inaugural members. In the fall of 2013, MINN launched its first membership campaign and over one hundred people joined. These founding members provided a financial pledge of support to MINN's mission to be the leading forum for international practitioners to learn, network and exchange professional expertise in Minnesota.