What You Missed: MINN at Work

Two speakers at MINN at Work event
By Kim Kokett
On September 17, 2013,  MINN held it's annual MINN at Work event at Hamline University, as a crowd of twenty people gathered for the opportunity to network and learn from practitioners of international development. Daniel Getahun facilitated the discussion, which featured Deborah Greebon from One Village Partners and Bistra Zheleva from Children's Heartlink.
As with each of these annual MINN at Work events, the guest practitioners are given the opportunity to present not only the work of their organization, but more importantly, any specific challenges for which they are looking for assistance and suggestions.
Similar to past years, these discussions covered both an in-depth look at the issues presented, but also created to opportunity for an expansion of unanticipated topics that were helpful to all in attendance. From issues of donor dependency to measuring outcomes for multiple partners (with multiple objectives), the audience of practitioners was fully engaged, as this conversation brought up specific and related experiences and possible solutions. Of those, included examples of how to connect organizational stakeholders on a deeper level through actions and stories of the work.
It was a lively event, filled with wonderful participation.
It's always a good sign of welcomed dialogue happening when an event ends and people remain much later  to continue to talk, share, and learn.