Welcome from MINN's New President: Shari Mohabir



I am this year’s (volunteer) President of what we hope will be a stellar year of growth, opportunity and endless professional networking for MINN members. Just a little about myself…I am a recent MPA grad from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a focus in global health, human resources, food, sustainability and agriculture. 

I grew up in Alexandria, MN and graduated from the University of St. Thomas. I spent most of my professional career in the global business consulting, health care, higher education and philanthropy sectors living and working around the world. My current goal is to work in the field of International Development as my related experience has been as a volunteer with several great organizations.

After years overseas, I was eager to find a group of professionals in MN who were doing meaningful and important work globally.  After learning about MINN, I knew the organization was exactly what I was looking for and attended the next event which happened to be a year-end celebration full of diverse, fun, intelligent, experienced NGO/International Development professionals. My favorite aspect of MINN then and even more so today is the amazing network of people from across the NGO/International Development space.

Four years later, I am looking forward to working with the committee members and help build sustainable organizational capacity and a great brand placing MINN in a category of its own within the NGO/International Development space.  I am excited to engage new and old MINN friends to help us kick-off (and fund) the first of many Annual Conferences which will take place this Fall 2013. Please contact us here to learn more about volunteering and MINN in general.