Summit Partnership Success

  • Posted on: 10 September 2017
  • By: BetteBenson

Each year, MINN brings together global innovators and international development practitioners for the annual MINN Summit. A unique opportunity to connect, share, and learn, the Summit is an engaging experience that promotes networking and partnerships.

We’re thrilled when we hear from attendees about successful partnerships coming to fruition from attending the Summit, and we recently received one such example from our friends at Compatible Technology International (CTI) and The Improve Group (TIG).


Steve Clarke, Senior Technical Advisor for CTI, attended the Summit in 2016 with a focus on learning more about monitoring and evaluation. At the time, CTI was about to begin work on a grant application for United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to fund a technology program in Senegal. Recently, CTI had seen increased demand from donors for measurable results, and knew the USAID application would require a robust strategy for monitoring and evaluation.

With this in mind, Steve attended a breakout session on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) led by TIG’s Founder and CEO Leah Goldstein Moses and Senior Research Analyst Sara Stalland McGarraugh. TIG provided an overview of their services and walked through how they came to life in their projects throughout the world. Steve was immediately drawn to the fact that they had experience with community-led projects, as well as a history of working with USAID, and understanding their regulations and requirements for M&E.

Following the session, Steve shared his learnings with CTI Executive Director Alexandra Spieldoch and they knew there could be an opportunity to join forces and work together with TIG for mutual benefit on their upcoming USAID proposal. As they explored the potential partnership more deeply, both organizations realized there were many past experiences and staff connections that were a unique fit for the Senegal project.

CTI moved forward with their full proposal to USAID, including the M&E strategy developed by TIG. In May 2017, the proposal was approved by USAID for $2.2 million, with TIG brought in on contract for the 4-year project to design, direct and supervise implementation of the M&E plan.

Looking back at the roots of the partnership, Steve shared that attending the Summit was the key to finding an organization that was the right fit for their project, “The Summit brings together a great group of people and offers us a chance to share unique concepts or approaches, and learn about work happening at other organizations, sparking connections like the one between Compatible Technology International and The Improve Group.”