New Year's Resolution: Know your NGOs


If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that will assist you in becoming a known quantity among the international humanitarian, development and aid organizations and social enterprises doing work from Minnesota, may we recommend joining a MINN committee?  Have you worked in the international NGO communittee for some time and are looking to give back? MINN has three committees at this time that are accepting volunteers.  

The Communications Committee is always looking for volunteers to assist in communicating MINN events and opportunities through our website and social media.  This committee is looking for writers, photographers, web content developers, among others.  The Education Committee is looking for individuals who are willing to help lead efforts to create meaningful events for international practitioners, such as roundtable discussions and cosponsorships on larger events such as the November 7th workshop on MN-Tanzania.  The Social Committee has the enviable task of organizing more informal networking events such as quarterly happy hours, international film screening and the MINN BBQ Blast.  Each of these committees have meetings where new members are invited to attend and learn more.  If you are interested in volunteering, write MINN HERE and we will connect you with the committee of your choice.  Typically prospective volunteers are invited to a committee meeting to learn more about our volunteer work.  No commitment is required.