MINN Volunteer Spotlight: Miriam Monono

Miriam Monono, MINN volunteer

MINN is pleased to feature Miriam Monono as our next Volunteer Spotlight. Miriam’s dedication and leadership has greatly contributed to a highly successful year for MINN.

Miriam joined MINN in January 2012 where she shared her talents in project management and building relationships. In 2013, she took on two leadership roles with MINN as the Education Committee’s Vice Chair and the MINN IDEA Summit’s Speakers Team Lead. Miriam is an outgoing and energizing person who likes to see projects to the finish.

From the start of this year, Miriam has been fully engaged with developing the Education Committee team and planning our inaugural MINN IDEA Summit held on October 25, 2014. Miriam is brilliant at cultivating relationships with our event speakers.  This year, Miriam went the extra mile at the Inagural Summit. As so eloquently stated by the Summit’s co-chair Karen Baumgaertner, “she organized 13 simultaneous education programs in one day!  That is more than a year's worth of programming in 24 hours.”

Miriam has demonstrated remarkable leadership that has contributed to the growth of MINN in 2013. She is definitely ready to transition into the Education Committee Chair in 2014. We are so grateful to have volunteers like Miriam who are interested in transforming MINN into a stellar organization.

A few fun facts about Miriam: 

1) When did you start volunteering with MINN?

I started volunteering with MINN in January of 2012.

2) What is your current job title and position?

I currently work as an Implementation Project Manager for at MDI Achieve, a Software Company in Bloomington, MN.

3) What are some of your future aspirations?

My future aspirations are to continue to grow as a professional and to continue working with MINN and other international organizations to help make a difference in the world.

4) Why you enjoy volunteering with MINN?

I enjoy volunteering with MINN because I am passionate about International Development, and MINN gives me the opportunity to work with, network, and learn from international development professionals. It has allowed me to develop leadership, event planning and many other skills, that I might never have had the opportunity to develop.

5) Why did you became engaged with MINN?

I became engaged with MINN because I wanted to get involved in and contribute to the international development community. My experience with MINN has been amazing. I have made so many great connections and learned so much in my time with MINN. I look forward to continue growing as an international development professional and working with MINN and with all our new MINN members.