MINN Starts 2014 with New Leadership


Happy New Year MINN friends! MINN is excited to announce new faces to our leadership in 2014. First, we welcome dedicated volunteers extraordinaire, Miriam Monono as the Education Committee Chair and her Vice Chair, Matt Holm. Keeping MINN on its toes and once again demonstrating how flexible we like to be, Malia Remackel and Spectra Myers are coming on board to co-chair the Social Committee. Spectra will fill her role for the first half of the year remotely as she finishes some work in Thailand while Malia leads from the Twin Cities.

Second, you may see some familiar names and faces added to our board in 2014. Former Education Committee Chair, Heather Cannon-Winkelman, Christina Larson-Dickson, and JB Scherpelz have joined the team this year. They bring various levels of experience volunteering with MINN, as well as impressive aspirations for helping MINN continue to grow.

Finally, a few members of the board leadership have changed. Jill LaLonde is the 2014 MINN President. She is followed by former board Secretary, Sara Stalland McGarraugh, who has taken on the Vice President role. New to the Executive Committee is Paul Walters, the 2014 Secretary. Lastly (but not least), Christine Papai will continue in her role as Treasurer this year.

We look forward to our continuing organizational development in 2014.