MINN Panel on Evaluation During a Pandemic

  • Posted on: 9 November 2020
  • By: minnesotangos

Three panelists will be speaking on Public Health, Cost-Effective Evaluation Techniques, and Mobile Data Collection during a pandemic.

The Pandemic has presented many challenges for the global non-profit community. With the uncertainty around funding for non-profits, and the shifting needs of program recipients as a result of the public health crisis, Global non-profits need data now more than ever to help inform their decisions.

While collecting data right now may seem costly, time-consuming, or risky with face-to-face contact, there are actually several ways non-profits can still manage to evaluate their programs while staying within budget and protecting the health of their constituents.

Find out more during the Panel on Evaluation During a Pandemic hosted by the Minnesota International Network of NGO (MINN). Register here.

---- The Panelists----

Satlaj Dighe, PHD Candidate (Panelist on Public Health)

Satlaj Dighe is an evaluation scholar, researcher, and practitioner based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. She is a Ph.D. candidate in the Evaluation Studies program at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests lie in the areas of evaluation capacity building in the Global South, culturally-responsive evaluation practice, and evaluation of complex health interventions. In her work, Satlaj is involved with evaluating special educational programs aimed to increase high-school graduation rates of ethnic minority students with disabilities.

Before relocating to Minnesota, Satlaj worked with community health and human rights initiatives in India, Laos, and Ethiopia. Her work involved training, program management, advocacy, and evaluation of early childhood development programs. Satlaj has continued her engagement with organizations in the Global South through her research and evaluation work. Translating her research on evaluation capacity into practice, she supports community-based organizations to design and implement strategic planning and evaluation capacity building processes.

Kamaladevy Sivalingam, MDP (Panelist on Cost-effective Evaluation Techniques)

Kamala Sivalingam is an international development practitioner for 10+ years, former UNDP Education Project Coordinator, and CEO of Play for Change.

After serving varying leadership roles in mission-driven organizations, and the United Nations out of Latin America, she pursued a Masters degree in International Development. Ever since, she has conducted evaluation across the United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe under real time and budget constraints. Her hope is that by sharing her cost-effective evaluation tips with the broader community, more non-profits will be inspired to evaluate their work for greater accountability, justice for program recipients, and organizational learning.

Grace Heymsfield, MPH (Panelist on Mobile Data Collection)

Grace Heymsfield is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 5 years of experience in developing and humanitarian contexts. Originally clinically trained, Grace has since supported nutrition program management in South Sudan before shifting to focus on nutrition assessments, including SMART and Link NCA. She has experience directly and remotely supervising surveys using mobile data collection devices, including in the COVID-19 pandemic.