MINN Looking for a Communications & Technology Committee Vice Chairperson


It's a great opportunity to both exercise your leadership skills, increase your contacts among others that work in the international sector and add "Board Experience" to your resume.  

This is an opportunity for someone to become the Communications & Technology Committee Vice Chairperson to eventually become the Chairperson of the Committee.  In terms of time commitment, we suspect it is about a five hour commitment per month.  

In terms of meetings, there are typically quarterly committee meetings (we had one last night) as well as quarterly steering/board meetings.  

This is an exciting time in MINN's evolution as we are in the process of becoming a 501 C 3.  

If you are interested in this opportunity or want to learn more about it, either post a comment on this site or contact me directly.  We would like to find a new volunteer by May 25th.


Please contact MINN at [email protected]