MINN to Explore the Use of Salesforce



In early February, Beth Scudder, MINN’s Chief Technology Officer started a trial of Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. The CRM would allow MINN to capitalize on opportunities, improve interactions with members, and provide a more intentional approach to networking and collaboration. Additionally, Salesforce would streamline MINN’s operations through more integrated campaign management.

The month-long trial demonstrated the CRM’s potential, and on March 19, 2012, MINN was granted free and full usage of Salesforce Nonprofit Edition.

As MINN’s membership grows and partnerships become stronger, a more efficient way of managing connections is necessary for creating sustainable partnerships, continuing meaningful programming, and keeping institutional memory intact.  Currently, MINN is exploring how CRM potential can be implemented in a concrete communications plan. For instance, MINN’s communications tools such as MailChimp and EventBrite are being integrated with Salesforce. In the next several months, MINN’s Communications Committee hopes to fully utilize Salesforce as an integral part of the committee’s operations.

If you have any previous experience with Salesforce, we welcome your input and advice, particularly on how to best utilize this new platform. To get engaged in this new and exciting process, please contact Beth Scudder at [email protected]