Introducing MINNer Circle

  • Posted on: 20 July 2021
  • By: minnesotangos

MINN has a bright future, and it's your generosity that makes our network possible. We're excited to introduce an enhanced membership option, the MINNer Circle. 

Donate today to become a charter member of the MINNer Circle!


1.      What is MINNer Circle?

The MINNer Circle is an enhanced membership option with MINN. Just like standard MINN membership, MINNer Circle membership is available at both the individual or organizational level.

2.      What are the benefits of MINNer Circle membership?

When you join the MINNer Circle membership level, you get exclusive access to member-only events and special opportunities for customized content creation and promotion MINN’s website and social media (for organization members). MINNer Circle members also receive one free ticket to our annual Summit and are featured in MINN’s Annual Report!

3.      How do I become a MINNer Circle member?

MINNer Circle membership is open to any organization or individual who has given at least $250 cumulatively in the previous or current calendar year.

4.      Will my previous contributions count towards MINNer Circle membership?

Yes! All contributions including standard membership fees, event sponsorships, and individual donations will count towards this amount.

5.      How long does MINNer Circle membership last?

Memberships starting in 2020 will last until the end of 2021.

6.      What does the Honorary Chair do?

The Honorary Chair serves as the official representative of the MINNer Circle program. This role is expected to serve as a model MINN member and occasionally attend MINNer Circle events or promotions. 

7.   How do I know how much I’ve given this year or last year?

Please reach out to our Membership Manager at  [email protected] to check your current contributions and see what it would take to get to the MINNer Circle level.

Donate here to become a charter member of the MINNer Circle today.