Innovative Workshop Gathers Nearly 200 to Improve Link Between Tanzania & Minnesota


Update: The steering committee for this innovative event have agreed to share a template on best practices for organizing a day-long workshop for a variety of stakeholders.  MINN is very pleased to have an opportunity to share this information with you.  Please see the documents at the bottom of this article - start with the document entitled "Plan a Meeting - Read this First".

On November 7th, Tanzania-affiliated organizations, funders and academics from around Minnesota convened at the Wellstone Center to begin an important dialogue - how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.  Keynote speaker Richard Leider, renowned author and motivational speaker, addressed a crowd of 140 about how each individual could make the most out of his or her work, drawing from his book The Power of Purpose.  

Individuals in attendance learned of the work others were doing in similar sectors and regions, strengthened existing collaborations, and explored new ways in which to work together.  In a celebration following the conference, guests enjoyed authentic Tanzanian food and music and explored table displays set up by organizations in attendance.  

This event was organized by a consortium which included the Minnesota Council on Foundations, The McKnight Foundation, the University of Minnesota, the United Republic of Tanzania, Bega Kwa Bega, the Minnesota International Center and the Minnesota International NGO Network.