How to Harness Social Media for International Impact

  • Posted on: 19 August 2018
  • By: Sarah Vast

Social media savvy is a must-have skill for INGOs, but how do we know if our messages are helping us achieve communications, fundraising, and advocacy goals? This is an especially challenging question when working with a budget that can only afford two very part-time staff members and 50+ volunteers whose work is driven by love of the organization and homemade guacamole.

MINN members and friends had the opportunity to explore this question and more at the recent workshop on Social Media for International Impact. Here are some key takeaways:

  • As we use the social media sphere to convey messages about our programs and raise awareness about our causes, we need to be cognizant how we represent the voices of our stakeholders who can not read or access our narrative about them. - Madeleine Maceno-Avignon, COFHED Executive Director
  • Communication isn’t just about projecting your message via online megaphones, it’s also about listening. What are your constituents saying? Follow them on social media to learn more about their priorities, so you can tailor your message to your audience. - Kaying Vang, MINN president
  • A concrete takeaway for me was to look back at your social media and count how many posts are highlighting each type of stakeholder. Whether you’re profiling donors far more than beneficiaries, or vice-versa, this allows for reflection on whose stories you have been emphasizing and where to go next. -Alyce Eaton, Master of Human Rights Student, University of Minnesota

Want to learn more about Communications for Social Media Impact?

  • Contact Ruth Hamberg for a copy of the powerpoint slides
  • Be on the lookout for our next workshop session on Asset-Based Communications
  • Email MINN Preseident, Kaying Vang ([email protected]) to share what kind of skills you need as an international practitioner. What kind of workshops or networking events can we offer to help you do your work better?

Workshop Presenter: Ruth Hamberg

Ruth Hamberg supports mission-driven organizations through communications, event production and organizational development. With experience in strategic planning, appreciative inquiry and community engagement, she connects the details of implementation with the big-picture thinking required for lasting impact. She is a frequent presenter on social media, data literacy and identity-based leadership. She brings a global lens to communications, drawing on nonprofit and research experience in Ecuador, India and Spain.