Event Summary: Tips for Launching an International Career in Minnesota

  • Posted on: 9 July 2018
  • By: Sarah Vast

Beers and Careers launched this year with special guest speakers Hyon Kim (Founder and Board Chair at MidWest Alliance For NK Refugees) and Judy Hawkinson (Director of Philanthropy at Compatible Technology International). MINN attendees had an exclusive opportunity to get insights and ask questions about how to break into Minnesota’s international sector in Minnesota.

Here are some key take-aways from our participants:

"This event was great! There were so many golden nuggets of advice. The ones I found to be the most applicable in my search was to tailor every resume and cover letter to the one position you want. Show the interviewers/company/organization that you are passionate for their cause and show initiative by learning the tools and methods the organization uses."
-- Kaity Berg, Regions Hospital

"I was just impressed by the PASSION that the two panelists expressed. They talked about hustle and really showing that you want to be involved if you want to move ahead in a particular organization. Public health isn't necessarily a job people do for the money, but you still have to show others you are excited and passionate about the work you do."
-- Mary Palin, St. Catherine University

"It was great to hear about the vastly different career paths the speakers took to get to where they are today, both are very successful women in their fields. They shared that whether you’re working in business, interning at an entry level, or even volunteering for an organization you’re passionate about, all of these can be equally valuable experiences to lead to your dream job."
-- Natasha Brownlee, Mama Hope

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