2018 Board Members

  • Posted on: 14 January 2018
  • By: Sarah Vast

MINN welcomes new Board Members for 2018 and thanks those continuing their service. The new board members bring with them exciting and innovative experiences from their diverse fields of international work. Some highlights:

  • Nick is months away from graduation from the Carlson School of Management, and has already co-launched an organization called Mossier, which aims to boost LGBT rights around the globe through economic empowerment while also creating an intergenerational activism movement in Minnesota. Nick is relatively new to the international development sphere and is looking forward to making MINN a strong catalyst for innovation and change.
  • Natasha is an international development professional, specializing in gender and girls’ rights, who is excited to expand MINN’s programming and partnership opportunities.
  • Wes is the co-founder and CEO of EOS International, a nonprofit social enterprise that provides rural families in Central America access to low-cost high-impact solutions, allowing families to climb out of poverty. Wes is excited to join the MINN team to support and connect international development practitioners.
  • Kayla is new to the MINN Board, but not to MINN. She has worked on the Program and Summit committees. Next, she is excited to serve on MINN's board at a more strategic level in considering MINN's future and how to best serve its stakeholders.

The 2018 MINN Board will have Kaying Vang as President, Jeff Seltz as Vice President, Rachel Satterlee takes up the Secretary role, and Sara Meyer continues as Treasurer.

View the full 2018 Board Membership.