Resource Center for the Americas

The Resource Center of the Americas is a non-governmental 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1983 in response to the wars in Central America and the growing realization that there was another side to the story promoted by our government and reported in the press. Working in solidarity with the people of Central America, the Resource Center, known at that time as the Central American Resource Center, began educating and organizing concerned citizens around another reality, relying on first-hand accounts from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, reports from delegations returning from Central America, and news stories that escaped the attention of mainstream media. In the early 1990s the organization broadened its mission and changed its name to the Resource Center of the Americas as new challenges began to present themselves in the form of globalization. Since that time our work has focused on the impact of corporate globalization on communities throughout the Americas: devastating local economies, eroding democratic processes and fueling an increase in the migration of economic refugees to the U.S. The Resource Center acts as a bridge-building organization, informing, educating and organizing to help people understand and address these issues. We build bridges between the peoples of the Americas and bridges to understanding a way of life that protects and respects the human rights of all people.