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In 2019, we conducted an online survey and in-person interviews to learn more about what our MINN community values and expects in their membership. The infographic below shares some of the insights that will inform our 2020 work.

My colleagues and I at the Minnesota International NGO Network (MINN) just celebrated the 7th iteration of our signature annual event on Friday, November 1st: the MINN Summit!

Ana Vergara

The value of a human rights practitioner can range from being an advocate, campaigner, peacekeeper, investigator, to artist. However, sometimes when I share that I’m a human rights practitioner, I get a deer in headlights stare. As a MINN fellow, I’ve had the opportunity to share and, quite frankly, GEEK OUT about what it means to be a human rights practitioner through the extensive MINN network and by using my advocacy skills through LinkedIn.