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  • Posted on: 17 May 2015
  • By: Shane Dill

NOW RELEASED: MINN's 2020 Global Report is available!


Last year, we surveyed 59 Minnesota-based international NGOs (INGOs) with annual operating budgets in excess of $150 million. Today, MINN can report that, in 2020, these organizations worked collectively across 117 countries on six continents to impact countless lives.

This data was compiled before and during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic and can help users understand the pre-pandemic INGO situation and provide a baseline for analysis in future years. The Global Report is also an opportunity for INGOs to showcase your work, connect with NGOs, and expand your reach to potential donors and volunteers. 

MINN is committed to doing global good better by connecting international practitioners and supporters to learn, network, and exchange professional expertise. As part of this mission, MINN intends to release the Global Report every year in order to provide a picture of the current state of Minnesota’s international NGO community.

In 2020, data was provided by INGOs throughout Minnesota, highlighting the geographic, operational, and financial trends of this community. We estimate the number of Minnesota-based INGOs at over 100, and perhaps even double the number of respondents to the 2020 report. 

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February 23, 2021
See excerpt below:

The report, with first of its kind data from MINN, highlights the global efforts made by Minnesota organizations to fight hunger and disease, provide educational opportunities, support refugees, contribute to economic development and much more.

Among the findings of the report, nearly 70 percent of the groups were founded within the last 20 years; 40 percent focus their work in Sub-Saharan Africa; 22 percent of organizations operate with annual budgets over $1 million, and about 66 percent have budgets under $500,000. Universally, almost 90 percent of all organizations rely at least partially on funding from individual donors.

The report provides a detailed look at the work Minnesota NGOs do around the globe, and drew praise from several Minnesota leaders.

  • Eric Jolly, President and Chief Executive Officer of the St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation, said that the report clearly documents Minnesota as a key player in managing and forming compassionate and thoughtful outreach around the world. MINN creates accessible avenues for our foundation, individual donors, and the entire Minnesota community to have a global impact through philanthropy and volunteerism."
  • Mark Ritchie, former Minnesota Secretary of State and now President of Global Minnesota, noted that "So much good work is being done by our member groups and (MINN has) captured the essence of Minnesota’s global community. MINN’s role in knitting together our international-minded organizations and individuals is crucial to the success of our region.”
  • Laura Bloomberg, Dean of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota also commented that “MINN is an essential part of the global-policy ecosystem in Minnesota.”

One key goal of the MINN Global Report is to shed more light on the work of Minnesota-based international NGOs, and those staff members and volunteers involved in these efforts.

The Minnesota International NGO Network believes that more data collection will reveal that Minnesota also stands out with the number of international organizations operating with a home-base in the state and the impact their work has on the world. Last year MINN surveyed 59 organizations but we estimate double that number may exist.

It’s clear that more investigation is needed, and MINN looks forward to seeing even more organizations featured in our 2021 report!


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