Iringa Hope

Iringa Hope works in the rural regions of the Iringa District of Tanzania. We develop cooperative societies that provide micro finance and agricultural input, training, and marketing assistance to our members.

We currently are working in 41 locations and have over 3,600 members representing over 20,000 family members. Our typical member is a female head of household with 5-6 dependents. Her initial income averages $300/year. She is a smallholder (1-4 acres) farmer with a 5-6th grade education. After 1-2 years of working with Iringa Hope her income will rise to $800-$1,400/year. At this point she will eliminate malnutrition form her household, all of her children will go to school (many are sent on to trade school or college), and she will build a brick house.

All of our locations become self sustaining after 2 years or less. Our network is entirely owned and managed by our members - Iringa Hope maintains no ownership position. Our organization provides training, organization, legal assistance, seed capital, and management support to our locations. We are the largest network of cooperative societies in southern Tanzania and are still expanding.