Generation for Change and Growth

Generation for Change and Growth (GCG) is a non-profit organization operating under the Internal Revenue Code 501 (c)(3) of the IRS of United States of America. GCG is also registered with NGO council of Kenya as Non-governmental, Non-profit organization. The organization was founded in November of 2002.
GCG promotes Education, Technology and Health Care in regions of the world where these basic needs are primarily limited by poverty and disproportionate appropriation of resources.  We are in a 21st Century where hundreds of thousands of poor Children still have no access to a very basic education and Health Care. Today, thousands of girls cannot access school even when there is opportunity due to cultural constraints and gender disparities. Many others die from immunizable illnesses. Kenyan children fit well into this category. In communities living in Northern Kenya and many other remote regions, there is a sense of resignation - a circumstance of fate and nature in which human intervention can do little. At GCG, we think different. Wth your partnership, we can make a massive change.