Breakout Sessions

Attendees will choose one session track during the morning and one in the afternoon.

Morning Session: Building Your Toolkit

Financial Acumen

  • Resilient Program Design and Financing
    Mustafa Omar, Shelter for Life International
  • Fraud, Corruption, and 3rd Party Theft
    Robby Vanrijkel, Humentum and Gerard Zack, Inside NGO
  • Quickbooks: Tracking Programs, Grants, and 990 Data
    Linda Logan, Fiscal Foundations, LLC

Designing and Communicating Change

  • Sharing Effective Participatory Tools for Engagement and Planning
    Melinda Czaia and Laura Johannson
  • Creating Stories That Are Visually Compelling
    Jila Nikpay,

Leadership and Empowerment

  • Leveling the Playing Field: Moving Towards Empowerment & Partnership
    Elaine Tymchak, Cultivate International
  • Set Conditions for Change and Resiliency
    Lecia Grossman, WorkDeep
  • Organizational Development
    Kristi Rendahl, Minnesota State University – Mankato and Pamela Kriege Santoso, Center for Victims of Torture

Fundraising and M&E

  • Winning Grants in Uncertain Times
    Ellen Davis and Christine Schwitzer, Fox Advancement
  • Evaluation for Grant Seekers: From Proposal to Reporting
    Becky Stewart, The Improve Group
  • Synchronizing the Priorities of Funders, Organizations, and Community Members for Evaluation
    Kayla Meyers, The Improve Group

Afternoon Session: Deepening Community Impact

Building Resilient Communities

  • Strengthening Fragile States through Resiliency Planning
    Amy Hansen, Nonviolent Peaceforce
  • Nation-Building in Afghanistan: The Challenge of Building Resilient Institutions
    Mark Kryzer, Asia Foundation
  • Going Back to What We Already Have: An Essential to Building Sustainable, Resilient Communities
    Digna Adonis

Social Enterprise Development

  • The Value and Ethics of University-Enterprise Partnerships
    Megan Voorhees, University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment and Wes Meier, EOS International
  • International LGBT Social Enterprise Development in Minnesota
    Charlie Rounds, Mossier and Nick Alm
  • Empowerment and Economic Autonomy: Women’s Community
    Lending in Central America and Mexico
    Katherine Wojtan and Gilda Larios, Mary’s Pence

African Development

  • Developing, Partnering, and Empowering Local African Leaders
    Nathan Roberts and Rael Kakulima, Daylight Center
  • Kilifi-Kenya Fatherhood Project and Empowerment
    Samuel Mwangi, Global Fatherhood Foundation
  • East African Development
    Mohamed Idris, American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa
  • Cultivating a Sustainable African Food Industry
    Jimmy Bettcher, Partners in Food Solutions