Summit Frequently Asked Questions

  • Posted on: 17 July 2016
  • By: BetteBenson

What is MINN?
MINN - or the Minnesota International NGO Network - is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and practitioners and for practitioners. MINN was created in 2005 as a forum for international practitioners and supporters to learn, network and exchange professional expertise. It is MINN’s vision to be the leader in providing a collaborative environment for Minnesota international NGOs to learn and exchange ideas. Our efforts result in innovative and effective solutions that enrich the lives of the global community.

What is the MINN Summit?
The MINN Summit is a one-day conference for global innovators, international development practitioners and learners to build community, share information and resources, and learn strategies and tools that help create inclusive growth. Registration for the 2021 Summit on October 7 will open soon.

Why have the MINN Summit? 
The work of the international practitioner is not easy. It is complex. It is exhausting. When solving the problems of the world on a day-to-day basis, it can be challenging to take time to reflect, reconsider, reconnect, network and exchange ideas. The purpose of the MINN Summit is to offer global innovators a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and share, with the hope of applying more vigor and sensitivity to our international efforts than ever before.

How do I sign up to attend?
Registration for the 2021 Summit on October 7 will open soon!

Who can I reach out to with questions?
Feel free to message us at [email protected] with any questions.