2018 Breakout Sessions

Morning Sessions

Storytelling for Change

Stop the Pity - Natasha Brownlee & Kyla Rathjen, Mama Hope
Progress is happening all around the world, but we don’t usually see those stories reflected in the media. Instead, pity is often used as a tool to drive a one-time action or donation — but pity doesn’t inspire long-term engagement in an organization or support of a cause. We believe pity-based media holds us all back from experiencing authentic human connection. This session is intended to introduce the Stop the Pity movement to the MINN Summit audience.

Why Great Storytelling Isn’t Enough - Susan Bordson, Susan Bordson, LLC
Expert marketing and communications are key to keeping organizations sustainable and achieving growth. Yet these areas are seen as "overhead", "administrative", or as "extra" compared to programs and services. Rather than an appendage or silo department, the "brand ecosystem" should function like a nervous system--a conduit for information with all areas and audiences. We'll address how to build a healthy brand ecosystem and execute best storytelling practices to fuel an organization's growth.

Exploring Careers in Evaluation

Leah Goldstein Moses & Kayla Meyers
Please join us for a panel discussion on careers in evaluation. This session will provide information about working in a variety of settings relevant to the INGO arena. This includes working at a consulting group, such as The Improve Group, or within an INGO. The session will also include general information about careers in and career paths in evaluation.

The Power of Partnership

Empowerment or Dependency: How Small Steps Can Lead to Greater Equity - Elaine Tymchak, Cultivate International
In the field of international development, it is commonplace for American organizations to be established in the developing world. But is our help hurting? We will look at the ways that we unknowingly create dependency, and how small steps can be taken to create greater equity. The session is for leaders of organizations working overseas, and is especially suited for those that have American-based leadership teams overseeing local staff.

Participatory Tools for Community-Led Development - Dana Altendorf & Renee Pardello, One Village Partners
Join OneVillage Partners in an interactive session that will provide practical, participatory tools that put the experience of project participants front and center.  Walk away with tools to engage beneficiaries (the community members) in a wide variety of project work including visioning, planning, monitoring, and evaluation, no matter their level of literacy or numeracy.

Self-Sufficiency in Refugee Camps

Local Development in Health and Education in the Sahrawi Refugee Camps - Mulay Ahmed & Fatimetu Jatri Emahemd, SAUSA
In a globalized world, few have heard of the most protracted refugee situations in the world. In southwestern Algeria, the Saharawi refugee population remains extremely vulnerable and entirely dependent on international assistance for their basic needs and survival. Join Fatimatu and Mulay and learn about their approach to improve the quality of life by providing an opportunity for hope through self-sufficient living, art and education.

A Successful Intervention from Sudan & the Dilemmas Many Refugees Face Today - Mohamed Idris, ARAHA
This session will raise awareness about the dilemma many refugees in the world live today and share a successful intervention of ARAHA in a refugee camp in Sudan.

Afternoon Sessions

Designing Solutions with Heart

Kate Herzog, House of Talents
If you look different, sound different, think differently than me and are unlike me, I would like to meet you. Difference gives me access to a world I don't know, which allows me to expand my worldview and also bring to it my perspective and contributions. In my work towards poverty alleviation, I navigate through a world I know intimately but also don’t know, for each individual in an economically disadvantaged setting manages poverty differently. In this session, I will encourage dialogue about the skills, coping mechanisms and the aspirations each person should hold to ensure their communities continue to be their bedrock of safety, love and support. Ultimately, each person has a right to live their dreams. In the staging ground for collaborative development, solutions are borne out by those who seek to build the lives they envision for themselves and others.

How to Drive Decision-Making with Evidence

Brian Sutter, ForGood
After this session, you will be better equipped to identify the components of a Logframe and construct new logic models for various projects in the future. This session will demonstrate how an organization that adopts M&E as a fully integrated business process, will regularly collect relevant data on program outputs, outcomes and impacts, providing the opportunity for continuous improvement, analysis of trends, learning and more.

Solutions Salon

Jill LaLonde, One Village Partners; Meredith Kruger, Partners in Food Solutions; Andrea MacArthur, Innova Engagement  
Collaboration and learning from others is crucial to the success of any international development organization. In this session, busy nonprofit professionals will have an opportunity to brainstorm and network through structured round table discussions, facilitated by three nonprofit professionals. This is an interactive session; as part of the discussion, participants should come prepared to discuss a problem they currently face, and be ready to help troubleshoot with others.