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What is Global Notes? Global Notes is a forum for those interested in things across boundaries (especially the boundaries of nation-states and cultures and language) in & around the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Here you can learn about events, opportunities, and news from Humphrey students, faculty, visiting scholars, alumni and fellows. Contact us
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Register to Volunteer for Crisis Simulation

Mon, 2015-06-29 14:59
Dear Humanitarians,
We are getting closer to the actual simulation date and I want to make sure that all of you consider volunteering for this great opportunity. If you want to volunteer, use this link to get to the registration. Remember there is no cost to volunteer. Please also note that the only way to be a volunteer this year is through registering on  the site below.
Volunteers will play a variety of roles in the simulation while students from the University of Minnesota learn about the blessings and challenges of working in an international health disaster setting. 
If you have any problems registering or have questions about the simulation, please contact me at this email address. 
Link to register as a volunteer:

To find out more information about the simulation and details about the course students are signing up for, please follow this link :
Here is a flier recruiting students to take the course:

Thanks so much for considering this is fun and a learning experience for everyone, volunteers and students.
Ann O'FallonVolunteer Coordinatorumnsim@umn.edu for more information on the simulation  

International Business Etiquette Infographic

Fri, 2015-06-26 19:23
Business Insider created a fun infographic about different styles of business etiquette internationally.
Martha Krohn, MA | Associate Director of Career ServicesHumphrey School of Public Affairs - University of Minnesota

HHH Dean Schwartz on Minnesota Cuba connections

Fri, 2015-06-26 15:01

Why is Minnesota’s congressional delegation so focused on Cuba? Dean Eric Schwartz sheds some light onto the reasons why Minnesota legislators have been so active on Cuba politics in MinnPost.  Reprinted from Humphrey Herald

Humphrey School Hosts 25 of Africa’s Brightest Emerging Leaders for Six-Week Institute

Fri, 2015-06-26 14:18
University of Minnesota’s Center for Integrative Leadership to host 25 of Africa’s brightest emerging leaders for six-week institute
The 2015 YALI fellows MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, June 19, 2015—The Center for Integrative Leadership—an initiative of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the Carlson School of Management, along with several other colleges at the University of Minnesota—will host 25 of Africa’s brightest emerging leaders this summer for a six-week academic and leadership institute, made possible through the Mandela Washington Fellowship.
The Mandela Washington Fellowship, the flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), empowers young African leaders through academic coursework, leadership training, mentoring, networking, professional opportunities, and support for activities in their communities. Fellows are young leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa who have a proven record of accomplishment in promoting innovation and positive change in their organizations, institutions, or communities.
The cohort of 25 fellows hosted by the University of Minnesota hail from Mali, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Botswana, Madagascar, Zambia, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Liberia. They are part of a larger group of 500 Mandela Washington Fellows being hosted across the United States this summer. They represent the fields of health, youth development, planning, education, housing, public works, architecture, public relations, aviation and more.

“We are honored to join with the State Department for the second year of this exciting global partnership,” said Eric Schwartz, dean of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. “It is a perfect fit for the Center for Integrative Leadership’s experience in educating, cultivating and empowering leaders.”

The interdisciplinary training will focus on providing fellows the skills they need to serve as public managers and improve service to their communities. The program leverages top faculty, cutting-edge curricula, and local opportunities to impart practical professional and leadership skills. The fellows will engage with several local nonprofits and businesses, as well as Hennepin County, a partner in the first year that is eager to build upon relationships formed with year-one fellows.
“We are most excited about the enthusiasm that community partners such as Hennepin County and the nonprofit organization Books for Africa have shown for this program,” says Merrie Benasutti, who is directing the fellowship program for the Center for Integrative Leadership. “This is really as much an opportunity for American organizations to learn from our fellows as it is for the fellows to learn from us, and that was an unexpected benefit we saw during last year’s program.” 
The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders is a U.S. government program supported in its implementation by IREX. For more information about the Mandela Washington Fellowship, visit and join the conversation with #YALI2015.

About the Mandela Washington Partnership
President Obama launched YALI in 2010 to support young African leaders as they seek to encourage growth and prosperity, democratic governance, and peace and security. Last year, the University of Minnesota was selected by the U.S. Department of State to be one of 20 host institutions that represent the excellence and diversity of U.S. higher education. Fellows represent the most promising young leaders ages 25–35 from Sub-Saharan Africa who have a proven record of accomplishment in promoting innovation and positive change in their organizations, institutions, or communities. The program also includes robust programming in Africa, including networking opportunities, continued professional development, and access to seed funding.

2015 Mandela Washington Fellows at the University of Minnesota:
• Malebogo Portia Motlhabane, Botswana
• Josué Ango, Burkina Faso
• Viviane “Vivi” Gnouinabe Pare Nabie, Burkina Faso
• Agwenjang Patience Ngonwei, Cameroon
• Valéry Eugene Boidy Dakoury Guei Kore, Cote d’Ivoire
• Koulodiomo Ouattara, Cote d’Ivoire
• Meron Kassahun Asfaw, Ethiopia
• Helen Abelle Melesse, Ethiopia
• Belinda Afriyie Nimako, Ghana
• Bright Kwaku Dey, Ghana
• Lizandra “Maiza” Cabral Dos Reis, Guinea-Bissau
• Erick Amunga Mukolwe, Kenya
• Christine Mabera Sagini, Kenya
• Wahdae-mai Harmon, Liberia
• Michel Sabir Michael Ratovonasy, Madagascar
• Abdourahamane dit Baffa Keita, Mali
• Mlumun Joyce Ikpaahindi, Nigeria
• Catherine “Keight” Chinyere Edeh, Nigeria
• Salamatu Akor, Nigeria
• Jean Paulin Mutatsineza, Rwanda
• Kadiatu “Kadija” Aminata Turay, Sierra Leone
• Osman Abdal Timbo, Sierra Leone
• Khayakazi “Khaya” Buntu Namfu, South Africa
• Samwel “Sam” John Kikaro, Tanzania
• Mwila Chabala, Zambia

Read fellows' biographies here.

July 13 MINN event at CTI

Fri, 2015-06-26 14:16

MINN Talk and Tour at Compatible Technology International Date: Monday, July 13, 2015 - 5:00pmto 6:30pm
 Join MINN for a Talk and Tour of Compatible Technology International(CTI) to get an in-depth look at the various CTI programs in a small group setting. The agenda includes an overview of the organization by Alexandra Spieldoch, Executive Director, and a private tour of the CTI office to see some of the tools developed by the organization. While the event is free, space for the Talk and Tour is limited and preference given to MINN members*. The last Talk & Tour event sold out quickly. Click here to register today!.

Compatible Technology International (CTI) is a nonprofit that designs and distributes tools in collaboration with small farmers and their communities to improve food and water security in developing countries. CTI’s technologies are designed with and for small farmers in rural communities—a group that comprises approximately 75% of the global poor. CTI empowers these farmers, many of whom are women, with affordable tools that improve their water quality, food production, and income. Farmers in more than 40 countries are using CTI’s post-harvest tools to increase their production of high-quality food.

There will be a networking opportunity following the Talk and Tour at the Dubliner Pub starting at 6:30 pm. The Dubliner event is open to all who would like to network with the MINN community!
*The MINN Talk and Tour (T&T) is an opportunity for MINN members to gain first-hand knowledge of the workings of international NGOs in the state. The T&T agenda is simple. Employees of an international NGO offer a private tour of their facility and then field questions about their organization’s work and their office culture. While MINN T&Ts are free and open to the public, space is limited, registration is required, and priority is given to current MINN members. Please consider joining the hundreds of international professionals who already have a MINN membership. Click here to join

2015 Humanitarian Crisis Simulation

Fri, 2015-06-26 14:13
Three ways to participate in the simulation:  ·       Graduate students can sign up for a 1cr PA 5890 course at the Humphrey School (other UMN units will offer courses too, please check listings for Medicine, Public Health, GIS)
·       Interested volunteers please contact Ann O'Fallon at
·       Physicians and other professionals who are engaged in, or considering a career in humanitarianism visit
Date: Friday, September 11, 2015 - 9:00am to Sunday, September 13, 2015 - 1:00pm  MINN is partnering with the University of Minnesota on an exciting professional development opportunity for practitioners and those interested in getting into international development and humanitarian assistance work. From September 11 - 13, 2015, MINN will support the University of MN in putting on a Humanitarian Simulation.   The Humanitarian Crisis Simulation is a 48-hour experience that is designed to immerse participants in an environment typical of humanitarian crises. The exercise begins with interactive sessions that cover important concepts, core standards, and best practices in humanitarian aid. The simulation will equip participants with knowledge, experience and skills that will assist them in working in any humanitarian crisis.
Participants are then divided into interdisciplinary teams representing multiple emergency response (ER) teams. ER teams must apply their skills and knowledge to assess a fictional area experiencing a humanitarian crisis. They will be expected to develop a plan to address the many problems of the region, including malnutrition, poor infrastructure, insecurity and violations of human rights. ER teams will experience living conditions that are common for professionals working in these conditions.
The exercise is developed and administered by professionals with extensive experience in humanitarian crisis management. The framework for the simulation is based on the Sphere standards for best practices in Humanitarian Aid with a special emphasis on the management of medical issues.

For more information on registration; contacts; and academic credits visit:

At Humphrey School, please contact Sherry Gray (

Watch the MINN site for future updates on this exciting event!

2015 Humanitarian Crisis Simulation Brochure.pdf Crossposted from MINN

HHH's Dr. Curtin on NATO unity and Russia

Thu, 2015-06-25 23:57

From Humphrey Herald: Use NATO unity to spur diplomacy and keep Russia in check. Mary Curtin, diplomat-in-residence at the University of Minnesota, provides expert opinion on this new foreign policy proposal in the Star Tribune (reprinted below)Use NATO unity to spur diplomacy and keep Russia in checkBy Star Tribune June 21, 2015 — 6:00pm
Risto Bozovic • Associated Press NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Pentagon plan to move weapons in Eastern Europe is measured response.A Pentagon proposal to position heavy weaponry, but not troops, in front-line NATO nations would represent a significant but measured response to Russian provocation. The predictable Russian pushback and subsequent “nuclear saber-rattling” — in the words of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg — explains why the West needs to send a strong signal to Russia, as well as to more vulnerable Baltic and Eastern European states.Several of these states have made it clear that they would prefer permanent troop deployment as well, but the movement of materiel that could be quickly used by as many as 5,000 U.S. troops is sufficient for now. The equipment, according to the New York Times, might include battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armed howitzers, and may be distributed between three Baltic countries — Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — as well as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and maybe even Hungary.Many in these former Soviet satellites are understandably wary, not just because of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and backing of pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine, but because of provocative maneuvers that risk turning a Russian military miscalculation into a true crisis.Although the backdrop is Ukraine, the Pentagon plan might have little effect on mitigating that crisis. Rather, it represents reassurance to allies and a warning from NATO to an increasingly adversarial Russia.The plan “has to be considered very carefully in the context of sanctions and diplomatic isolation — these kind of moves can be potentially dangerous at the same time they are reassuring,” said Mary Curtin, diplomat-in-residence at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. “There is consensus that the effort needs to continue to stop Russia, and this prepositioning of military equipment has more of an effect of calming the Baltic states and making them more sure than it does have a direct impact on what’s happening with Ukraine.”The efforts to stop Russia should ultimately depend on diplomacy, not on military means, so it’s critical that the European Union proceed with plans to extend economic sanctions for at least another six months.Sanctions and lower oil prices will send Russia into recession, but Putin has pledged to raise military spending nonetheless. The West must be prepared for that, while continuing to seek diplomatic outcomes in Ukraine. It also must bear in mind that Russian cooperation will be needed for an accord with Iran over that country’s potential nuclear weapons program and possibly even for some kind of settlement to end the global destabilization caused by Syria’s disintegration.Putin may have calculated that he could erode the NATO alliance. Instead, he seems to have strengthened it. Now is the time for Western leaders to use this unity wisely.

July 13 Network with MINN at Dubliner Pub

Thu, 2015-06-25 20:00
MINN Networking Event at Dubliner Pub in Saint PaulMonday, July 13, 2015 - 6:30pm There will be a networking opportunity at the Dubliner Pub starting at 6:30 pm, following the MINN Talk and Tour at Compatible Technology International (CTI). The Dubliner event is open to all who would like to network with the MINN community!

From Sherry: This is a great organization for networking with local international development professionals.

July 1 free Translation & Interpretation Project training at UMN Law School

Thu, 2015-06-25 15:09

Come join the University of Minnesota Law School's Center for New Americans on July 1st at 6:30 p.m. for a free Translation & Interpretation Project training with Federal & Minnesota State Certified Interpreter Sally Nichols.
Those interested in volunteering as an immigration interpreter/translator will be given an overview of techniques needed to interpret for individual clients and group outreach, as well as discuss the challenges that volunteers will face. Participants should come away with greater confidence in their interpretation & translation capabilities and an understanding of why their work is vital to achieving justice for immigrants.
Please RSVP here:
Kjerstin SandenProgram Coordinator
Center for New AmericansUniversity of Minnesota Law School | | 612-626-0938 

June 30 event on EU in the US--Understanding T-TIP

Thu, 2015-06-25 15:09 the U.S. 2015: Understanding T-TIPThe transatlantic economy is the largest and most important in the world. The European Union’s role as an international actor in the economic and political arenas has grown in the last two decades. Leaders on both sides of the Atlantic are advocating for the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (T-TIP) to usher in a new era of EU-U.S. trade. This has particular interest to businesses in Minnesota, as 18 Fortune 500 corporations from the Twin Cities are doing business in Europe and the Minnesota Trade Office opened a satellite office in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2013. In fact, Minnesota companies export $4 billion annually in goods to the EU, making it the state’s second largest export market.Join the Minnesota International Center and Fredrikson & Byron to discuss the U.S.-Europe trade relationship and examine how this ground breaking free trade agreement will positively affect businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.A program of the World Affairs Councils of America in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to the United States.Tuesday, June 30, 2015
7:30 – 9:30 a.m.
  • Andrew Lorenz, Director, Office of Europe, Office of the United States Trade Representative, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.
  • Jennifer Carton, Senior International Trade Specialist, Office of the European Union, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.
  • Adeline Hinderer, Counsellor, Deputy Head of Trade Section, Delegation of the European Union to the USA, Washington, D.C.
Agenda:7:30 a.m.              Registration and continental breakfast8:00 a.m.              Program presentationLocation:
Fredrikson & Byron
200 South Sixth Street
40th Floor
MinneapolisQuestions: Kate Summers,

Consultancy Final Evaluation Maputo Protocol

Thu, 2015-06-25 15:08
About Search for Common GroundSearch for Common Ground’s (SFCG) mission is to transform the way individuals, organizations, and governments deal with conflict, away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative solutions. Headquartered in Washington DC, USA, and Brussels, Belgium with field offices in 35 countries, we design and implement multifaceted programs that aim to transform conflict. We seek to help conflicting parties understand their differences and act on their commonalities. SFCG has been working in Angola since 1996, in the DRC since 2001, and in Tanzania since 2010, working with a wide array of tools to support positive social change in the region.About the projectAngola, DRC, and Tanzania have committed to respect international regulations on the promotion of women’s rights. Yet practices that reinforce gender norms based on women’s inferiority are still widespread in all three countries. The project “Supporting the implementation of the Maputo Protocol in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania” is implemented by Search for Common Ground (SFCG) with the overall goal to support the implementation of the Maputo Protocol in Angola, DRC and Tanzania. For more details on the Terms of Reference click on the link below. apply, interested candidates (individuals or teams) are requested to submit the following documents: 
• Curriculum vitae;
• Short biography/ies of the candidate(s);
• A technical proposal proposing a methodology for the evaluation;
• A financial proposal for the completion of the aforementioned deliverables;
• A copy of one evaluation conducted by the candidate(s) in English.
Applications must be submitted by email before 25 June 2015 to, with in copy, indicating the following email subject title “Consultancy Final Evaluation Maputo Protocol”.Candidates will be evaluated by SFCG based on the following selection criteria:
• Technical proposal;
• Financial proposal;
• Experience and expertise of the consultant in DME and the project’s thematic;
• Fluency in English and French (and other preferred languages).
This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.organd appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only.   

Consultant - Crisis Response, Amnesty International (Wash DC)

Thu, 2015-06-25 15:07
Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people who campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. Our crisis response work responds to violations committed in the context of armed conflict. The Washington, DC based staff specializes in deploying technological and scientific methods and tools to document violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.In order to support this work, we are seeking a temporary Consultant position to provide programmatic support to the relevant staff based in Washington, DC. The Consultant’s main responsibilities will include implementing smooth operations of the program, ensuring the timely delivery of research and other projects, and identifying gaps and providing solutions in communications and workflows.Responsibilities include administrative support such as scheduling; tracking projects, output and media for internal and donor reports; assisting with financial accounting; and tracking and testing new technological tools that are relevant for human rights documentation. The Consultant will also be responsible for ensuring proper communications between a distributed team that includes staff, other consultants, vendors and volunteers. Additionally, the Consultant is expected to support technology based research projects, centered on remote sensing, mapping or authentication of videos and images, typically related to armed conflict situations; and draft blog posts or other written and training materials.This is a fixed-term consultancy position, limited to six months. The successful candidate is expected to start as soon as possible, ideally July 1, and will work three days a week from the Washington, DC office. Compensation negotiable.Qualifications 
  • 2-3 years of relevant professional experience
  • BA degree required, preferably in international relations, journalism, human rights or related field
  • Highly organized and exceptional interpersonal and communications skills
  • High proficiency in standard office software, online communications applications, and online research
  • Strong writing skills
  • Interest in technology and human rights; experience with remote sensing, Google Earth or open source investigations a plus

How to applyPlease send a cover letter and resume to
This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.organd appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only.   

Senior Policy Advisor, Oxfam America (Wash DC)

Thu, 2015-06-25 15:05
Oxfam America, Senior Policy Advisor - Tax and Extractive Industries Policy & Campaigns | Washington, DC
Policy & Campaigns | Washington, DC, United States 
OXFAM AMERICA – JOB DESCRIPTIONfor more info click here


Policy and Research Department - Washington, DC 

Senior Policy Manager – Extractive Industries

 Extractive Industries Global Program Team, “Fuelling the Development Investment System” (“Fuelling”) Campaign, Policy and Research, Communications and Community Engagement, Government Affairs, Private Sector, and Regional Programs. Oxfam country program staff and Oxfam International affiliates as well as relevant Oxfam International campaigning and thematic structures (e.g. Inequality / “Even it Up” campaign, Fiscal Justice Team) as necessary.
External: NGO allies, governmental, corporate and international financial institution (IFI) influencing targets. 

The extractive industries generate billions of dollars for resource-dependent countries every year. Too often, though, governments sign deals that do not give them a “fair deal” regarding their resources and often offer unnecessary tax subsidies to attract investment in the sector. In addition, many governments do a poor job of collecting taxes owed by extractive companies. Finally, some extractive companies engage in a variety of practices –use of tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions, transfer mispricing, profit shifting, etc. – to reduce their tax burdens. Consequently, resource-dependent governments are losing billions of dollars that should be captured and spent on priority social services. At the same time, issues of “tax justice” are rising on the international agenda and various initiatives by the OECD, G20, the UN, the African Union and other organizations are seeking to limit the ability of corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes and to reduce the billions of dollars in “illicit financial flows” pouring from poor to rich countries every year. 

The Senior Policy Advisor will contribute to Oxfam America’s Extractive Industries Global Program and support implementation of the Oxfam strategic plans, particularly the first pillar of the Oxfam America’s strategic plan on “Fuelling the Development Investment System”. S/he will provide policy analysis, research and advocacy to support Oxfam America’s larger on agenda on tax justice, with particular emphasis as these issues relate to the extractive industries. S/he will work with the Senior Policy Manager – Extractive Industries to provide policy analysis, research, strategic advice in support of the Extractive Industries and “Fuelling” campaigns as well as to design and lead implementation of advocacy strategies, especially in relation to the extractive industries and taxation agenda. S/he will work closely with country and regional programs to support in-country policy analysis, research and campaign efforts. S/he will identify ways to improve the collection and administration of extractive industries taxes; develop strategies to combat corporate strategies to avoid taxes; and identify advocacy opportunities in the US, with International Financial Institutions, extractive industries corporations, and international processes to promote a tax justice agenda. 
Strategy development and implementation:

  • Help develop and implement strategic plans for policy development, research and advocacy on taxation issues, with an emphasis on extractive industries.
  • Monitor and analyze domestic and international policy and practice related to extractive industries taxation
  • Provide policy research analysis on emerging issues in taxation and extractive industries taxation and manage research projects to inform Oxfam, partners and interested parties
  • Develop and present potential advocacy opportunities to Oxfam country programs and partners as they develop country strategies
  • Participate in annual Extractive Industries and “Fuelling” program planning as well as agency strategic planning
  • Contribute to Oxfam International advocacy strategies related to extractive industries, tax justice and inequality
Advocacy and external affairs:
  • Act as an Oxfam America spokesperson and advocate on extractive industries / taxation issues before the Congress, Executive Branch, Government Agencies, international financial institutions, extractive industry companies and the media.
  • Identify advocacy opportunities to advance the extractive industries and tax justice agendas.
  • Develop and maintain key relationships with international financial institutions, corporations and governmental targets relevant to the issues prioritized.  In close coordination with the Private Sector Department, help develop and maintain key corporate and investor relationships
  • Participate in advocacy meetings with target actors.
  • Develop and maintain key relationships with NGO allies and NGO networks; represent Oxfam America in NGO coalitions and events; play a lead role in NGO coalitions and working groups as appropriate to Oxfam’s expertise and program experience.
  • Develop and write policy papers, advocacy issue briefs, and commission research reports on taxation and extractive industry issues in collaboration with relevant Oxfam staff. 
  • Develop “case studies” on extractive industry taxation issues for use in broader tax justice campaigns
  • Collaborate with media and campaign staff to support the development of press and campaigning strategies that support policy change strategies related to taxation and extractive industries.
  • Organize briefings and advocacy events, and represent Oxfam America in these and other public forums as necessary.
  • Organize and coordinate international partner visits to Washington to support advocacy strategies.
Coordination internally with Oxfam America and Oxfam International, including regional and country offices and programs:
  • Share information on relevant IFI, corporate and government policy positions, processes and opportunities for influence with Oxfam country and regional offices and Oxfam International.
  • Provide policy and advocacy perspectives to Oxfam workshops and meetings relevant to extractive industries taxation issues.
  • Provide technical assistance to Oxfam country programs and partners
  • Support the development of country-level strategies to improve extractive industry taxation and reduce lost revenue.
  • Develop and maintain strong collaborative working relationships with relevant Oxfam regional and country offices to take maximum advantage of advocacy opportunities as well as to support regional and country advocacy through policy analysis and help with local strategy development.
  • Participate in relevant Oxfam America and Oxfam International team meetings and retreats.
  • The incumbent will be a capable and visible spokesperson and advocate for Oxfam’s extractive industries and taxation activities and will be the organizational expert on tax issues.
  • Incumbent will be able to effectively engage in dialogue and public debate with tax experts from extractive industries companies, governmental agencies, academia and international financial institutions.
  • S/he will be available to represent Oxfam at public events.
  • S/he will develop positive working relationships with Oxfam’s allies and partners around Oxfam’s goals and priorities.
  • The incumbent will stay abreast of professional standards, trends and issues affecting this set of responsibilities, demonstrating continuous learning of the field.
  • S/he will work effectively and collaboratively in support of building a team-based culture of work, will perform all duties appropriately for a multilateral and multi-cultural environment, treating all persons with dignity and respect, and will be familiar with Oxfam America’s mission and goals.
  • The incumbent will be available to travel internationally up to 15% of the time.

  • Minimum – Advanced degree in political science, economics, accounting, law or related fields.
Experience and Core Competencies:
  • Seven or more years work experience in international development and/or policy advocacy, human rights, tax/accounting fields.
  • Knowledge of and/or experience dealing with extractive industries, including fiscal regimes and contractual arrangements between companies and host governments.
  • Knowledge of and experience working on fiscal governance and taxation issues.
  • Knowledge of and experience working with international financial institutions.
  • High level policy analysis skills.
  • Strong communication, analytical, research and professional writing skills; writing must be easily adaptable to a variety of audiences.
  • Good public presentation skills and the ability to communicate to a variety of audiences.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Flexibility, creativity, strategic thinker.
  • Work effectively in a fast-paced and complex work environment.
  • Demonstrated advocacy and network building skills.
  • Diplomatic and tactful in dealing with a variety of actors and influence targets.
  • Ability to communicate cross-culturally.
  • Experience with/academic training in corporate taxation, tax law, accounting and auditing, especially related to extractive industries.
  • Proficiency in at least one foreign language such as Spanish or French.
  • Experience living and working overseas, preferably in developing countries.
for more info click here
This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.organd appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only.   

Sr Assoc Dir, The Carter Center

Thu, 2015-06-25 15:04
The Senior Associate Director reports to the Chief Development Officer (CDO) for Health, Peace, and Education Programs and is responsible for developing and implementing strategies for marketing new and existing programs of The Carter Center. Working with the CDO and other development staff, the Senior Associate Director manages fund raising for a portfolio of domestic and international projects, which require funding primarily from foundations, corporations, governments (foreign and U.S.), and multilateral organizations, as well as individuals. The Senior Associate Director writes and ensures the submission of timely and compelling proposals and complex narrative and financial reports, working with staff across the Center. The Senior Associate Director interacts with donors, making and responding to inquiries. Domestic and international travel is required.Bachelor’s degree required. At least four years of professional development experience, including significant experience in grant writing, grants management, and donor relations. Requires the ability to draft complex proposals and narrative reports. Must have a solid understanding of program budget development and financial reporting, as well as experience collaborating with program and finance staff. Excellent written and oral communication skills are required. Must possess strong organizational skills, be detail oriented, and able to work collaboratively as well as independently with minimum supervision. Must have the ability to develop consensus among diverse constituents. Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel is required, as is the ability to learn Raiser’s Edge.Significant experience in fundraising for international programs is desired. Experience working with private foundations, USAID, DfID, and other international development agencies, and donors headquartered in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East is preferred. Proficiency in a second language, particularly Spanish, French, or Arabic, would be beneficial.To apply go to  search for Job #49531BR Sr Assoc Director, Development Programs
This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.organd appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only.   

Global Giving Foundation - Senior Program Manager

Thu, 2015-06-25 15:03
Click here to view the original listing and apply!Position SummaryDo you want your work to make a positive impact on the world? Do you thrive on making data-driven decisions? Do you enjoy working with people who represent a variety of perspectives and cultures? If so, we want to hear from you!We are looking for a Senior Program Manager to help guide our online marketplace as we work to grow our non-profit network, while keeping the same high-quality personal relationships and service orientation that make GlobalGiving special.Benefits include flexible work hours, a convenient downtown DC location, and a meaningful job where you can go home at night and say, "Today, my work helped rescue 97 girls from bonded labor in Nepal." (One of many true stories.) And don't worry - we've also got the usual benefits like health care, dental/vision, commuter benefits, 401K, etc.Primary Responsibilities
  • Overseeing and improving the life-cycle of 3,000+ nonprofits (and growing!) that are part of the GlobalGiving network, including developing and carrying out a strategic plan around nonprofit retention and engagement
  • Leading a team of three people who work to acquire new and retain current nonprofit partners to achieve financial and engagement goals
  • Overseeing web incentive campaigns and content campaigns, designed to drive $3.3 million (and growing) in donations annually
  • Organizing and leading online learning and curriculum for GlobalGiving’s nonprofit partners in the areas of online fundraising and nonprofit effectiveness, including GlobalGiving’s annual Online Fundraising Academy and Social Impact Academy
  • Coordinating communications with GlobalGiving’s nonprofit partners, including monthly newsletters, blog posts, and online tutorials
  • Managing GlobalGiving’s feedback mechanisms such as our annual partner survey, Leadership Council, and Town Hall and leading efforts to incorporate partner feedback into programs
  • Overseeing GlobalGiving’s In-the-Field Program, which trains and supports representatives to visit and evaluate GlobalGiving’s partners and to conduct outreach to new organizations in specific countries and regions of the world
  • Acting as the primary liaison with GlobalGiving’s Product Team and coordinating Program Team’s efforts to continually develop and improve GlobalGiving's tools used by nonprofit partners to raise funds and to become more effective
  • Working with GlobalGiving's Operations team to use data to understand the fundamentals of the GlobalGiving marketplace and to use that understanding to drive product, communications, and engagement strategies
Required Qualifications and AttributesThe person we have in mind will probably have a Master’s degree (but definitely a Bachelor’s) in international development, economics, data systems or a related field. S/he will most likely have worked 6+ years doing something that is directly related to the position described above and has traveled – and ideally volunteered or worked with nonprofits – outside the U.S.
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills, oral and written, particularly cross-cultural and web-based. Ability to explain complex topics in easy to understand ways.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop digital content (including training tools, blog posts, etc.) and to lead product development in collaboration with technical staff.
  • Comfort with data analysis, and making data-driven decisions; Knowledge of SQL a plus
  • Experience managing a team and cultivating staff’s strengths in service of organizational goals
  • Strong operational orientation, project management skill, and focus on quality customer service
  • Ability to multi-task under a deadline, with great productivity and attention to detail
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment with significant public exposure
  • Familiarity with systems designed to manage workflow and relationships with individuals and organizations; experience with Salesforce a plus
  • High sense of personal accountability; excellent organizational skills, creativity, and flexibility; comfort working within and improving systems
  • Familiarity with the social impact field and what makes nonprofit organizations more effective
  • Personal or professional experience in fundraising (particularly crowdfunding) is a strong plus; commitment to GlobalGiving core values a must
This is a full time position located in Washington, D.C. Salary range will depend on skill and experience.How to ApplyFill out our online form and upload your resume to apply for this job.
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Enough Project Policy Analyst for DR Congo/Great Lakes region

Thu, 2015-06-25 15:01
Center for American Progress - Policy Analyst, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Great Lakes region, Enough ProjectClick here to view the original listing and apply!SummaryThe Policy Analyst for the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Great Lakes region will be responsible for researching and writing about the drivers of conflict and policy options in Congo, as well as related U.S. government, corporate, and international policy for the Enough Project’s policy papers, briefings, and advocacy efforts. This position requires three main areas of expertise: field-based knowledge about the economic, security, and political dynamics in Congo and the Great Lakes region; policy acumen, particularly regarding U.S. policy in Africa; and a demonstrated ability to write concise policy reports and briefing papers. Strong knowledge of French is required.Responsibilities: 
  • Conduct original research and policy analysis on the dynamics of conflict and policy options for addressing them in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Great Lakes region. The research will take place in eastern Congo, Kinshasa, and the Great Lakes region, as well as in regional capitals and policy capitals, including Washington, D.C., New York, and possibly others.
  • Work collaboratively to set a research agenda for the subject.
  • Author, co-author, and edit policy reports, memos, and other documents on the subject.
  • Help formulate original policy recommendations and encourage their adoption by senior policymakers within the U.S. government, the African Union, and the United Nations.
  • Build relationships with officials in the U.S. government, the European Union, the African Union, international organizations such as the United Nations, and other key players to gather timely—and occasionally, rapid-response—information for conflict analysis and report writing.
  • Expand Enough’s network of contacts within the policy community and deepen Enough’s relationships with policymakers and influential actors in the United States and overseas.
  • Work in consultation with the Associate Director for Congo, Great Lakes, and LRA and the Directors of Policy and Communications to plan, develop, and contribute regular content for Enough communications and media that is dynamic, original, thoroughly grounded in policy expertise, and accessible to a broad audience.
  • Liaise with field staff, consultants, and Washington-based policy staff for Congo, Great Lakes, and LRA and support the Associate Director in managing them.
  • Assist the advocacy team to help shape subject-related campaign messaging.
  • Contribute dynamic, original, and accessible content to op-eds for outside publications and websites and for the Enough blog on a regular basis.
  • Represent Enough in the media through interviews and regular publication of op-eds and articles in publications of note.
  • Represent Enough at subject-related meetings and events, both in and outside Washington, D.C.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Requirements and qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Substantial experience working on Congo and the Great Lakes region, including at least one year of field experience in Congo. This should include demonstrated knowledge of political, economic, and security dynamics in Congo and the Great Lakes region and an ability to provide concise in-depth analysis and write professionally on the issue area. Particular emphasis will be given to knowledge of the economic drivers of conflict in the region.
  • Proven ability to conduct policy research and a strong understanding of policymaking issues, the policy community, and the implications of various advocacy and policy approaches, particularly U.S. government policy.
  • Strong ability to write concisely, particularly policy writing skills.
  • Excellent oral presentation skills.
  • Background or work experience in the prevention of atrocities, human rights, conflict prevention and resolution, and the responsibility to protect. A strong commitment to human rights and conflict resolution and to Enough’s mission to end genocide and mass atrocities.
  • Superb organization and time management skills, including the ability to manage numerous tasks simultaneously, work under pressure, and meet deadlines.
  • Strong written and oral knowledge of French required.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team setting; ability to keep calm and work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Good humor and general problem-solving skills.
  • Several years of field experience working in Congo and the Great Lakes region.
  • Master’s degree.
  • Fluency in French; knowledge of another language spoken in Congo a plus.
  • Previous experience in a policymaking position.
  • Previous experience dealing with corporations on corporate social responsibility issues.
American Progress provides a competitive compensation and benefits package.American Progress is an equal opportunity employer; women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  To applyE-mail your Word resume and cover letter attachments to: you may write to: Center for American Progress, 1333 H St. NW, 10th Floor, Washington, D.C., 20005.In your correspondence, please reference the exact title of the job you are applying for in the subject line. This announcement will remain posted until the position is filled. No phone calls, please.Please note that only those individuals whose qualifications match the current needs of this position will be considered applicants and will receive responses from American Progress.Thank you for your interest in American Progress.Additional informationAmerican Progress operates two separate nonprofit organizations to maximize the progressive agenda: the Center for American Progress and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. This job posting refers collectively to the two organizations under the name "American Progress." The Center for American Progress is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) tax-exempt research and educational institute. It undertakes research, public education and a limited amount of lobbying. The Center for American Progress Action Fund is a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization dedicated to achieving progress through action. It works to transform progressive ideas into policy through rapid-response communications, legislative action, grassroots organizing, political advocacy, and partnerships with other progressive leaders. The organizations share office space and employees.For more information on the Center for American Progress, please go to For more information on the Center for American Progress Action Fund, please go to
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International Crisis Group - Project Director, Central Africa

Thu, 2015-06-25 15:00
Click here to view he original listing and apply! Role:  Reporting to the Program Director, the Project Director Central Africa, will lead a team of analysts to produce succinct, well researched, analytical, and timely reports and briefing papers addressing conflict prevention and resolution issues in multiple countries in the region.  He/she will explain and advocate Crisis Group analysis and recommendations to national and foreign governments, warring parties, non-governmental organisations, international organisations, and the media.Responsibilities:
  • Provide leadership and direction to the work in Central Africa, supervising staff and managing the project’s budgetary and administrative matters;
  • Conduct, coordinate and supervise the analysis and field-based research necessary to produce high-quality reports and briefings on crisis situations over the course of the year;
  • Give guidance, oversee and prepare detailed reports, briefing papers and derivative products (op eds, blogs, short notes) setting out relevant research findings and policy recommendations in concise and clear fashion;
  • Work closely with representatives of governments and international and local organisations in gathering information, seeking input and feedback, and supporting the distribution of Crisis Group’s publications;
  • Maintain and extend the advocacy program in and on (countries in) the region, optimising advocacy efforts linked to the publication of the reports and other materials, with the objective of promoting the adoption of Crisis Group’s policy recommendations by concerned actors;
  • Make sure that the security risks of staff and operations are reduced to a minimum by establishing and maintaining relevant local security guidelines and make sure that the protocols and guidelines that are put in place are being followed and staff and consultants receive proper briefings on Crisis Group’s Security Framework and Guidelines;
  • Support fundraising efforts with selected government and private donors through meetings and other outreach, with the assistance of the development team.
  • Master’s degree in international relations, political science, law, journalism, sociology or equivalent through experience;
  • 5+ years professional experience in conflict analysis, journalism, NGO, international organisations or government work related to Central Africa with field experience in the region;
  • Good knowledge of regional politics, conflicts and societies, and extensive contacts with governmental and non-governmental officials, the media, and local and international civil-society organisations working in the region;
  • Expertise covering governance issues, security-sector reform and institution-building;
  • Excellent writing and analytical skills, and ability to formulate well-targeted policy recommendations;
  • Excellent editing skills;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including public presentation skills; 
  • Experience communicating with the public through speaking, writing and social media.
  • Experience in overseeing budgetary and administrative matters, and management of a team;
  • Fluency in English (oral and written) required; knowledge of one of the languages in the region preferred.
Application procedure:Please send applications in English by email before 15 July 2015, including "Project Director, Central Africa" in the subject line and your cover letter, CV and details of three references in attachment.Please note that only candidates selected for further consideration will be contacted.  This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.organd appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 

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Research Analyst, Skoll Foundation (Palo Alto, CA)

Thu, 2015-06-25 14:57

TitleResearch AnalystLocationPalo Alto, CAAbout the Skoll FoundationThe Skoll Foundation was created by Jeff Skoll in 1999 to pursue his vision of a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. The mission of the Skoll Foundation is to drive large-­scale change by investing in, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs and the innovators who help them solve the world’s most pressing problems. Social entrepreneurs are society’s change agents – creators of innovations that disrupt the status quo and transform our world for the better. By identifying the people and programs already enacting positive change throughout the world, the Foundation empowers them to extend their reach, deepen their impact and fundamentally improve society.The Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship
The Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship is the flagship program of the Skoll Foundation. Every year, four to six extraordinary social entrepreneurs are awarded a multi-­year grant for their work creating innovative models to spark large-­scale change. Their innovation has the potential to reduce economic disparities, increase opportunities for the disadvantaged, promote healthy communities and increase the interpersonal and intercultural understanding that is the foundation for world peace. The Foundation applies its own resources, skills and assets—augmented by its networks of investors, media and other strategic partners—to accelerate innovations and break down the barriers to social change. Over the past 14 years, the Skoll Awards program has invested in more than 111 social entrepreneurs and 91 organizations around the world.Position SummaryThe Research Analyst plays a key role in driving the selection of new social entrepreneurs each year and helps to develop a healthy, long-­term pipeline of potential Skoll Awardees. Reporting to the Director of Social Entrepreneurship and working in close collaboration with the Chief Strategy Officer, executive team, and other Skoll program and practice teams, the Research Analyst leads early due diligence into potential Skoll Awardees to ensure that the Foundation is objective, consistent, and focused on impact.Primary Responsibilities
  • Conduct initial research and analysis on potential new Skoll Award candidates. Evaluate organizations that are new to the Skoll Awards pipeline and provide the first look into a candidate’s alignment with the Skoll Awards criteria. Research issue and organizational information, develop high-­quality analyses, and identify key questions for future rounds of due diligence.
  • Collaborate with the Skoll Awards team to determine which candidates advance in the selection process. With input from the team, apply the Foundation’s investment philosophy objectively and consistently across all of the candidate organizations being considered, while at the same time continually raising the bar in key areas, like assessing impact, year over year.
  • Design tools and processes for efficiently identifying potential candidates. Across a wide network of referral partners and sources, identifying and delivering efficient ways to ensure that the foundation is well­informed, well-­calibrated and up-to-­date in its sourcing of prospective candidates for the Award.
  • Create and deliver metrics and tools that support consistent, respectful and efficient continuous improvement of the Skoll Awards process. Partnering with the Program Manager for Skoll Awards, respectfully and responsibly communicate the Skoll Foundation’s investment philosophy, process, and results across a network of thousands of partners and potential awardees. Work collaboratively with the Analysis and Insights team to build knowledge and networks with various stakeholders such as domain experts, policy makers, funders, thought leaders, and partner organizations.
  • Conduct final onsite due diligence. Work with Skoll Foundation Principals to meet social entrepreneurs all around the world, observe their work in the field, and conduct late-­stage evaluation of Skoll awardee candidates. Present recommendations to the executive team and Board of Directors for final consideration.
Ideal Candidate
The Skoll Foundation seeks a seasoned, strategic business professional who leads with tough-­minded optimism and a global view. The successful candidate must thoroughly understand the dynamics of organizational growth, scale and investment—in both for-­profits and nonprofits. Candidates should have a balance of analytical rigor and compassion for the human condition to undertake the Foundation’s mission.Demonstrated expertise in the evaluation of business models, financials, and data as well as strong investigative skills and a relentless attention to detail are necessary for success in this role. Critical thinking and the ability to communicate findings clearly are also essential. Knowledge of the purpose, application and limitations of formal social impact evaluation methodologies is a plus.High potential candidates will have a pragmatic, empathetic field view, while also having the insight to recognize innovations that target real systems change rather than incremental impact. It is important that the Research Analyst be self-­aware and able to reflect on lessons learned to inform future work.The ideal candidate is a nimble generalist with the intellectual capacity and motivation to quickly grasp Skoll’s interconnected focus areas. The Research Analyst must be resourceful and hands-­on, and driven to work in a lean, intense, results-­oriented environment with a high level of integrity, humility, and discretion. A collaborative nature, sound judgment, and a good sense of humor are also important characteristics to have.Excellent interpersonal skills and the cultural fluency that comes from direct experience with the developing world are paramount to this role. Candidates must be effective team players and relationship builders with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. An understanding of what drives social entrepreneurs and the ability to get things done in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges are key indicators for success in the role.The Research Analyst must be comfortable with a high degree of individual responsibility for making thorough assessments amid tight timeframes, analyzing opportunities and risk, producing high-­quality documents and graphic materials, maintaining reporting, and soliciting and incorporating feedback with the aim of continuous improvement, learning and contribution to team performance.To learn more, please see the full position profile here.Qualifications and AbilitiesCandidates should have a minimum of 5 years of experience researching, collecting and analyzing information across multiple sectors and industries, and ideally in the context of assessing business models and/or scaling entrepreneurial organizations. Experience living and working in the developing world is highly valued. Excellent verbal and written communications skills are imperative. A Bachelor’s degree is required. An advanced degree is preferred. Must be available for international travel.ApplicantsThe Skoll Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. Please send your resume and a cover letter expressing your passion for the mission and your fit for the role to Melissa Merritt at more info see
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Consultancy, International Voter Education Advisor, Interpeace, Somaliland

Thu, 2015-06-25 14:54
Job title: International Voter Education AdvisorStart date: As soon as possible
Duration of contract: 3 months (consultancy)
Duty station: Hargeisa/SomalilandInterpeace, a Swiss non-profit organization, works in close partnership with national partner organizations and the United Nations, with the aim of building lasting peace. Interpeace supports the active involvement of local, national, and international actors in ongoing collective dialogue and participatory policy research that allows societies facing a risk of violent conflict to overcome its internal divisions. Interpeace assists and enables them to collectively respond to social, economic and political challenges.Chaired by former President John Kufuor and headquartered in Geneva with regional offices in Abidjan, Guatemala City and Nairobi, Interpeace is supported by bilateral and multilateral donors. The organization is currently active in Africa, Central America, Europe and the Middle East and Southeast Asia.BackgroundInterpeace in partnership with the Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) and supported by the international donors organized in the Democratisation Programme Steering Committee, is seeking applications of suitable candidates for the position of the International Voter Education Advisor to be embedded in the NEC secretariat and to report directly to the NEC.This consultancy position will be contracted for 3 months.Duties and Responsibilities
Under the direct supervision and guidance of the NEC and its international partner, Interpeace, and in direct collaboration with his/her counterpart, the NEC Voter Education Manager, the International Voter Education Advisor will be responsible for providing guidance and mentoring to the NEC Voter Education Team in its efforts to:• Create and implement Voter Education activity plans that meet the needs of the current Biometric Voter Registration process;
• Monitor and if necessary verify all budgetary activities involved in delivering the voter education programme, including compliance with EU rules for procurement of services;
• Ensure that all materials and manuals are designed to a high standard and produced on time and within budget;
• Advise the NEC Voter Education Manager in all areas of voter education activities, requirements, and responsibilities;
• Support the NEC Voter Education Manager in the implementation of voter education programmes.The Voter Education Advisor will also be responsible for:• Nurturing capacity and contributing to the institutional development of NEC and local partners in all activities;
• Mentoring the NEC Voter Education Manager, Interpeace staff, and other individuals responsible for voter education for the Biometric Voter Education Process; 
• Ensuring that all expertise is embedded with specific NEC counterparts and supports the direction of the NEC.Required Experience, Skills, and Education

• At least 3 years of experience in the development and implementation of voter education programmes and materials, preferably with election management bodies;
• Experience conducting voter education for a biometric voter registration process will be an asset;
• Substantial field experience, ideally in contexts with similarities to Somaliland;
• Proven ability to perform under pressure;
• Strong interpersonal and inter­cultural communication skills;
• Strong verbal and written communications skills, including abilities to:
o Recognize and navigate inter­cultural communication challenges;
o Persuade people with varying points of view;
o Convey difficult issues and positions to senior officials;
o Demonstrated experience of preparing written reports and orally conveying information in a clear, concise, and accurate manner.
• Demonstrated understanding of gender issues and their importance to democratization and voter education;
• Excellent command of both written and spoken English is essential;
• Relevant professional or academic training in mass communication, journalism, political science, or other related field;
• Specialized training in civic education, electoral management, training, or institutional development will be rated positively.How to apply: Qualified candidates may submit their application, including a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to the Administrative Officer at: recruitment(at) Please indicate "VES" in the subject line. Applications will be received until qualified candidates have been identified and the position has been filled.Please note that due to the high volume of applications, only short­listed candidates will be contacted.for more info see
This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.organd appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 

July 22 Gary Prevost discusses Cuba at AFSA luncheon meeting

Thu, 2015-06-25 14:40

THE UPPER MIDWEST CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN FOREIGN SERVICE ASSOCIATION (AFSA)Invites you to a luncheon meeting with Dr. Gary PrevostProfessor of Political Science and Latin American Studies, College of St. Benedict
Cuba at the Crossroads
Wednesday, July 22, 2015
12 Noon – Luncheon12:40–1:45 PM, Dr. Prevost, and time for questions and commentsDr. Gary Prevost earned his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, and has taught at the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University since 1977.  He has extensive experience with Cuba, having co-written “U.S. Cuban Relations - A Critical History” and co-edited “Cuba - A Different America” and “Cuban- Latin American Relations in a Changing Hemisphere”.  He has recently returned from a visit to Cuba.


Our luncheon charge is $30 to cover food and our modest organizational expenses.  Students are welcome at a reduced price of $15.  Preferred method of registration is to mail your check made out to AFSA to Molly Harris, 4 Cardinal Lane, North Oaks. MN 55127.  You may also e-mail your registration to or call 651-483-4692.________________________________________________________________
This program continues our series of Frank B. Kellogg lectures honoring the only Minnesotan to have risen to the position of Secretary of State.  It is also co-sponsored by the Minnesota International Center, the St. Paul-Minneapolis Committee on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations Association of Minnesota.